4/2/12 Raw Preview

The Raw after Wrestlemania always has a ton of questions coming in.

Here are just a few for tonight:

  • What does The Rock say after his win in his last appearance for a while?
  • What does John Cena say after coming up short at Wrestlemania?
  • What does Teddy Long do without a show to run?
  • How does Chris Jericho react after losing the WWE championship match, and presumably, the title of best in the world to CM Punk?
  • Will the WWE let the stupid Eve/Ryder angle go away and let The Long Island Iced Z actually have a decent storyline?
  • Will Daniel Bryan or Sheamus make an appearance, or will they save that for Smackdown?
  • What will HHH, Undertaker, and Shawn Michaels say about the Undertaker going to 20-0?
  • Will Batista and/or Brock Lesnar make an appearance?