Breaking: WWE Network put on indefinite hold?

The following was reported today as an ‘exclusive’ from

WZ has learned today that plans for the WWE Network have been put on hold indefinitely. At this point, the network hasn’t a single deal signed with cable providers, and while WWE was considering making the network a pay channel, similar to HBO, internal studies have shown less than 100,000 homes would be willing to pay a monthly fee.

Additionally, WZ has learned through sources close to the head of the HR department and the VP of programming, that all hiring for the network has been frozen. In fact, we have been told any new hires that have been made for the network are in jeopardy of being terminated.

Initially, the launch was pushed to November 12th of this year, then to February of 2013, but as of this writing the network is not going forward at all. We’ve been told WWE failed to realize what a big onset and investment the network would be, and NBC Universal was going to sell WWE part of its Universal HD channel, but WWE balked and wanted its own network.

Now, with no infrastructure set up at all, we’ve been told a network would be virtually impossible to create in 6-12 months.