Paul Bearer passes away

WWE has announced that Paul Bearer, real name Percy Pringle, died on the night of March 5th. He was 58. Bearer was the longtime manager of The Undertaker, and also the manager and storyline father of Kane.

In his real life job, Pringle was a funeral director. He was brought in to WWE for the express purpose of managing the Phenom.

Expect a tribute on Raw Monday, and possibly a Hall of Fame induction to honor him as he passes so close to WrestleMania 29.

‘I Have Risen’ – text from WWE’s text message service

The Undertaker will return on tonight’s ‘Old School’ Raw.

Bruno Sammartino to be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame

Bruno Sammartino is to professional wrestling what Babe Ruth is to baseball.

The legendary grappler is the longest reigning WWE (then WWF) champion of all-time, with two title reigns spanning an eye-popping 11-plus years. And his legacy of headlining Madison Square Garden over 200 times is what turned the Italian-born brawler into a worldwide sensation.

So it’s only fitting that Sammartino will be the main attraction at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony on April 6 at MSG.

“Being inducted into the Hall of Fame at Madison Square Gardens is the biggest thing in my life,” Sammartino said in an exclusive interview for ESPN Playbook. “Any time that people feel that you accomplished enough to enter into a Hall of Fame, of course this is a tremendous, tremendous thrill for me. I had a lot of my success due to appearing at the Garden. I wrestled there over 200 times, it’s where I won the title, and it’s where I picked up 630-plus pounds of Haystacks Calhoun.”

And while Sammartino had turned down the WWE’s previous offers of inducting him into its Hall of Fame due to a well-documented feud with the wrestling organization’s CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon over a wide range of issues — from Sammartino not liking the vulgar direction the product took during the Attitude Era to Sammartino’s criticism of drug abuse by members of the roster back in the 80s — it was WWE executive Paul Levesque (aka Triple H) who stepped in and finally changed the legend’s mind.

“In talking to Paul Levesque, I made it clear, I’ve had issues with WWE and wrestling in general, because there were other organizations,” Sammartino said. “I didn’t like the direction they had taken. It was bothersome to me. I’m an old-school guy. I spent 25 years in this business. But after talking to Paul, and him explaining to me the changes they’ve made in their program, and how they’ve hired a doctor like Dr. Maroon, who is a world renowned neurosurgeon, who also operated on me, and now that he has been put in charge of the company’s wellness program and their drug testing, that impressed me. I know what kind of a man he is, and he is a giant in that field, so I take my hat off to WWE because they took such huge steps to make things better for the wrestlers themselves and making sure they are healthy to perform. That was very, very important.

“But as Paul explained to me, WWE made a lot of other changes. There’s no more profanity, there’s no vulgarity in the current product, and that stuff had bothered me as well. When Paul first spoke to me and told me all the changes, I started watching it again and I was very convinced that they are doing amazing things. I see the wrestlers and all the changes they made. There’s no profanity, there’s no vulgarity, and it’s a family-friendly program. That’s what it used to be, and that’s a huge role in the whole factor.”

In finally signing Sammartino, WWE sees this as an opportunity to not only celebrate everything he has done for the business, but to add legitimacy to its Hall of Fame.

“From a legitimacy standpoint, it’s important for us to get Bruno in,” Levesque said. “He’s one of the biggest names there has ever been in the business. So for us to not have him in there, for the legitimacy of the whole thing, it was a major issue. For me, the more important thing was that nobody deserves to be recognized for being a big star and paving the way for the stars of today more than Bruno. Everything that we have today in the business, Bruno was a cornerstone of that foundation. He truly is a living legend.

“As we started getting into Hall of Fame season, it’s almost like this storyline wrote itself. To have Bruno Sammartino brought into the Hall of Fame in Madison Square Garden, a building he sold out more than anybody in the world, that’s a remarkable achievement. It was an opportunity to honor Bruno, but it was also an opportunity for our fans.

“There has been this bad blood between Bruno and the WWE for years, and we’re not trying to hide any of it, but I just felt like we are at a point where a lot of it can be resolved. Our wellness program and the way our programming is now, a lot of people are unaware of it, so I felt like if I could get Bruno on the phone and I could run down a list of those things that he didn’t like, I could show him how we changed. We’re PG, family-friendly entertainment with a wellness program that is truly based on the wellness of our performers. We want them to be healthy and live long, productive lives. So I just felt that if Bruno knew about those things, he might feel differently, and eventually, that’s what came to be.”

While Bruno has accepted the WWE’s offer to make an appearance at the Hall of Fame, he still hasn’t had the chance to speak to Vince McMahon, as Levesque is organizing a sit-down so the two can resolve any lingering issues face-to-face.

“Clearly, Vince knew about this right from the get-go, and when I said I wanted to reach out to Bruno, Vince was probably thinking, ‘Well, good luck with that,’” Levesque said. “So Bruno and I established this relationship and as we came to an understanding on all of this, Vince asked me, ‘Hey, do you think I should call Bruno? I’d like to talk to him.’ At the same time, Bruno said, ‘Do you think I should have a conversation with Vince?’ And I said no to both of them. I didn’t think it was right to do over the phone. They had bad blood for a long time, and we’ve all kind of buried the hatchet here, and it’s a new beginning and a fresh start and everybody is in a great place with this, but going back to what Bruno said about being old school, I think we should all get in the same room together and the two of them should look each other in the eyes and shake hands. This should be in person. I don’t think it’s right to do over the phone. They both agreed to do that, and while it hasn’t happened yet, Hall of Fame is probably where we’ll make that happen. Vince and Bruno will see each other for the first time in years and officially, in person, look each other in the eyes and bury that hatchet.”

As for trying to keep the announcement a secret, “it’s not ‘Mission Impossible’ or anything like that,” laughs Levesque, “but to me, Bruno getting into the Hall of Fame in Madison Square Garden is the biggest induction we’ve ever done, and rightfully so. He deserves that. So to just have it leak out there, that would’ve been wrong. This is a huge moment in time, and a massive moment for our fans, for Bruno, and for WWE. This is the history of our business. Without Bruno Sammartino, we aren’t where we are today.”

Source: ESPN

Twice in a Lifetime. Four times as predictable.

John Cena will defeat WWE Champion The Rock at WrestleMania 29 at MetLife Stadium on April 7th to become the new WWE Champion and end their more than two year feud.

Update on Lawler from family friends

The following is from

Tuesday afternoon Jerry Lawler update – friends of Jerry Lawler’s family tell PWTorch that Lawler had three stints put in Monday night following a heart attack. Lawler still has not spoken since passing out during Raw.

Jerry Lawler collapses during Raw- not a storyline

WWE Hall of Famer, legend, and announcer Jerry Lawler collapsed during a match between The Prime Time Players and Kane and Daniel Bryan on the broadcast of Raw tonight from Montreal.

He was seen visibly slumped over during the match, and the competitors near him looked concerned. Michael Cole has given two updates, one that he was getting CPR and that this was ‘not part of tonight’s entertainment’ and the other that Lawler was taken to a medical center and was now breathing on his own.

Cole said that out of respect to Lawler, he would not be doing any further commentary tonight.

Cole’s third update went into much more detail, and said Lawler is much more responsive now, and awaiting a CAT scan.

More as it happens.

Pat Patterson?

Source: The Wrestling Observer

As of Saturday, the plan was not to have Pat Patterson appear live on RAW. As many of you know by now, WWE has been billing the event as “Pat Patterson Appreciation Night”. The plan is to do something similar to what they recently did with the “Shawn Michaels Appreciation Night”.

WWE Monday night RAW is being held from Patterson’s hometown of Montreal. He’s been affiliated with WWE since the late 70s when he had a run with Bob Backlund for the title. He’s also worked as a booker, announcer, agent and head of talent relations during his WWE tenure. He is also the man behind the Royal Rumble concept.

As far as Bret Hart is concerned, he will appear live on the show. The angle between CM Punk, Paul Heyman and John Cena will also continue.

Jericho’s farewells from this stint in WWE

Chris Jericho tweeted the following:


HBK appearing on Raw tonight?

Playing up the story of Triple H teasing retirement at the end of the Summerslam PPV, Shawn Michaels tweeted that he may appear “via satellite” on Monday’s Raw addressing Hunter following his loss to Brock Lesnar.

“Just talked to Hunter…lets just say, I completely understand whats going through his head. We’ll just have to wait and see. I have to admit…I’m not entirely sure I’m comfortable just letting this go,” Michaels tweeted Sunday night. “Time for me to go, I gotta make a few calls and see if i can get a Satellite Truck out here by tomorrow night!”


Ross confirms #Summerslam status

WWE announcer Jim Ross confirmed in a “Summerslam Sunday” blog on that he will not be part of the announce table for the Summerslam PPV. “Watching SummerSlam w/ my wife in THQ suite at Staples Center. Looking forward to the show. Great opportunities await many talents,” Ross wrote. Ross also noted he will be attending Mick Foley’s comedy show with William Regal at the Hollywood Improv Sunday night after Summerslam.

[ LINK: Ross's full blog previewing each of the matches can be read at ]

#Summerslam rumors: Tyson & Austin

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin confirmed on Twitter Sunday night before Summerslam that he will not be part of the PPV. “No, I will not be doing a run in tonight at #Summerslam. I will not be doing a limp in either. #limpinainteasy #wwe #brokenskullranch,” Austin tweeted. However, Mike Tyson has hinted at his involvement in the Summerslam PPV, saying on Twitter that he will be supporting Triple H. Tyson, who is rumored to be involved in the Hunter-Brock Lesnar match, was part of a WWE video game panel Saturday in Los Angeles.

Regal added to Foley’s SummerSlam comedy show reports that WWE wrestler/announcer William Regal has been added to a Q&A session at Mick Foley’s post-Summerslam comedy event Sunday night after Summerslam. Regal tweeted Thursday that he will be part of the event scheduled for the Hollywood Improv a few hours following the Summerslam PPV in Los Angeles.

Shawn Michaels added to Raw

WWE announced Friday night that Shawn Michaels will appear on this Monday’s Raw from Dallas leading into the Summerslam PPV. Triple H and Brock Lesnar are also advertised for the show. Michaels added to the show sets up Lesnar to follow through on his threatening statement from this week’s Raw that he will “see Michaels before Summerslam.” Michaels will be in Triple H’s corner for Hunter vs. Lesnar at Summerslam.

Chris Jericho tweets about Kevin Nash’s recent comments

Regarding the recent Grantland article about Kevin Nash where he said that wrestling died at WrestleMania 20 when Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero where crowned champions.

Kevin Nash says wrestling biz died at WrestleMania 20


When Benoit and Guerrero hugged [at the end of WrestleMania XX], that was the end of the business,” he says. “Has business been the same since that WrestleMania? Has it come close to the Austin era? Has it come close to the nWo or the Hogan era? You put two fucking guys that were great workers that were the same height as the fucking referees, and I’m sorry, man. Are you going to watch a porno movie with a guy with a three-inch dick? Even if you’re not gay, you will not watch a porno movie with a guy with a three-inch dick. That’s not the standard in porno films. So you put a 5-foot-7 guy as your world champion.”

He has the same problem with today’s Internet heroes, Phil “CM Punk” Brooks and Bryan “Daniel Bryan” Danielson.

“They are not bigger than life,” he says. “I bet they could both walk through airports and not be noticed unless they have a gimmick shirt on and the belt.”

[Read more...]

Dave Batista Speaks Out On First #MMA Fight

WWE Video – latest WCW & Hogan mockery in Are You Serious?

This week’s edition of WWE’s “Are You Serious?” YouTube show resumes WCW mockery with focus on Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash’s Fingerpoke of Doom, Hogan’s guaranteed contracts, and WCW Nitro era vignettes on the beach. Plus, mockery of Jim Niedhart on WWF’s Dating Game. The show is hosted by Road Dogg Jesse James and Josh Mathews.

27 Hot Photos of Trish Stratus from Inside Fitness Magazine July 2012

Stone Cold posts why he wasn’t at #Raw1000


On July 23, 2012 WWE celebrated the 1,oooth episode of Monday Night Raw.  I watched the show from my home in Los Angeles.  After watching the show, I got on my Twitter account, @steveaustinBSR, to read responses to the show.  There were many people blaming Vince McMahon and the WWE for not having SCSA on the show.  And there were some folks who had some very negative things to say about me, personally.

The reason I did not attend RAW 1,000 was because I underwent a major knee surgery on my left knee on July 2, 2012.  Dr. Neal ElAttrache of the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles, CA performed the surgery.

The surgery  was a complete success.  I am currently three weeks post op.  I began physical therapy a few days ago.  I had a world class surgeon and a great medical team working on me.  I am now working with a top notch PT team.  I am still on crutches and will probably lose the crutches in another week.  Then I will be in a custom knee brace much like the braces I wore in the ring for 9-12 weeks.

STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN IS A 100% ASS KICKING MACHINE.  There was no way I was going to limp down the ramp on crutches for RAW 1,000.  It was time to get my knee fixed.  The decision to no-show RAW 1,000 was made by me and no one else.  I have always taken pride in making my shots and have never faked an injury or illness.  Pro Wrestling is a tough game and it was time to pay the piper for some of the damage I incurred in the ring.  No gripes.  No complaints.

To the fans that were hoping to see SCSA, I’m sorry I missed the show.  I would have loved to be there under different circumstances.  I normally keep my personal business to myself, but due to feedback and incorrect speculation, I have posted this blog and given the 411 on why I was not at RAW 1,000.

I will post more blogs about my PT and recovery soon.

Steve Austin

Video: The Return of the Undertaker – #Raw1000


Below are some confirmed and rumored names + segments for tonight’s 1,000th episode of RAW. This is a recap of all the 1,000th RAW news we’ve posted over the past week. This is what we know so far and we’ll be updating this post leading into the show tonight:

* The show begins at 8EST and will be three-hours weekly (8-11EST) starting next week.

* WWE Title Match: CM Punk vs. John Cena.

* Intercontinental Title Match: Christian vs. ???

* DX Reunion: This will open the show at 8EST.

* Sean Waltman (X-Pac) appeared on the Cowhead show on Friday and hinted that he will be at RAW on Monday night. Waltman said, “I can’t foresee a DX reunion without X-Pac.” WWE has been contacting numerous former talents this week so it’s possible he’ll be there. He had been tweeting in recent weeks that WWE had not contacted him. All signs are now pointing to a “full” DX reunion with Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Road Dogg, Billy Gunn and X-Pac all appearing. That is not confirmed just yet but it is looking more and more likely. Chyna will not be appearing for obvious reasons.

* During a recent interview with The Miami Herald, Jerry Lawler was speaking abut the origin of the “puppies” line he had used for years. While doing so, he may have announced another surprise return for Monday’s 1,000th RAW“I actually got to give credit to a guy who I think will be returning on the 1,000th episode. It was a member of DX, Road Dogg (Jesse) James. I believe he was talking to Sable at the time. DX was in the ring, and Sable was in the ring, and somehow I believe Road Dogg said, ‘Hey, show us your puppies.’ It kind of floated by. No big deal at that point and time, but then I started using the word a couple of weeks later, and it just stuck.”

* Brock Lesnar returns and will confirm his match with Triple H at SummerSlam. Paul Heyman will be there with Lesnar.

* The Rock returns to WWE to address his quest for the WWE Title. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is rumored to be contemplating competing in a match or two before WrestleMania XXIX on April 7, 2013 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. An announcement could come as soon as Monday.

* There have been rumors for months that WWE was going to be doing a big summer angle that would get people talking. There is a lot of speculation that the angle will be kicked off Monday night, likely at the end of the show. There aren’t many details going around at this time, as those within the company have been keeping tight lipped.

* Daniel Bryan and AJ will have a wedding.

* The announcement of a new permanent RAW General Manager.

* WWE Legends Bret Hart, Mick Foley and Roddy Piper are all confirmed to return.

* Roddy Piper posted the following, discussing whether or not he will appear at the 1,000th RAW“If I go to Raw’s 1000th episode I’m not doing lame work. Let me roll Vince. I’ll show them why Raw’s the longest running show!” As noted above, Piper is confirmed for next week’s show.

* Local Advertisements in St. Louis are promoting Bret Hart to appear at Monday’s 1,000th RAW. Hart was advertised a few weeks ago, but then there was no follow up. The new local ads that started to run this week pushed Hart as appearing. As noted above, Hart is confirmed for next week’s show.

* Vince and Stephanie McMahon will appear on the show. Shane McMahon is said to be a long shot and Linda McMahon probably won’t happen because of her ongoing Senate campaign trying to distance her from the WWE product. There will also be the usual “2nd tier” legends appearing as well.

* WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross discussed Monday’s RAW 1,000 show on the Sports Illustrated Hot Clicks Podcast, and what he would like to contribute to the show: “It’s kind of like a baseball player going to the All Star game in Kansas City. I’m just kind of waiting to see what the manager puts on the lineup card. I know I’m on the roster, I know I’m figured to do something, I’m just waiting to see where my name is penciled in. With an old guy like me who’s been around the horn — been weathered — there’s nothing that can be assigned that I probably haven’t already done. In a perfect world I’d love to call a match, but that’s not my call. But I’m ready to play, whatever they want me to do, I’m ready to roll.”

* As most of you know by now, WWE‘s flagship program RAW will celebrate its 1000th episode this coming Monday. During her near seven-year run, Trish Stratus participated in 160 matches-the most of any female-and created many memorable moments along the way. The legendary grappler is recalling the memories on her official website,, as she ranks her top five moments and top five matches. The quintessential Diva also offers an inside look with comments on each one of these Stratusfy-ing appearances. She ranks her match against Lita on the Dec. 6, 2004 episode of RAW, the first time in history that the Divas were solely featured in the show’s main event, as her top match. She says of the bout, “What an amazing feeling for Lita and I to be given the trust and confidence to close out our flagship show in the main event of Monday Night Raw. Plus, a true testament to the hard work of the women’s division as a whole.”

* We can confirm that both Lita and Trish Stratus have been contacted to appear at the 1,000th WWE RAW event.

* Both Stephanie McMahon and Jim Ross will be in St. Louis, Missouri next Monday, the site of that day’s unprecedented 1000th RAW episode. The WWE Hall of Famer appeared Wednesday on KREF Sports Talk 1400 The Ref and confirmed he would be on the show. He added he has no idea what his role will be. McMahon, who participated in a Twitter chat Tuesday and hinted but did not confirm an appearance on Raw, will be in the area that day for a ‘be a STAR’ the Boys & Girls Club of Greater St. Louis’ Herbert Hoover location (2901 N. Grand Ave.). She will be joined World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, The Miz, Eve and American Idol finalist James Durbin.

* We can now exclusively confirm that The Undertaker will be appearing on Monday 1,000th RAW event. This will be the Phenom’s first appearance since WrestleMania. His role on the show will be unclear, but he will be live at the show in St. Louis.

* WWE‘s creative committee is rumored to be leaning towards CM Punk retaining the WWE Championship next Monday on RAW when John Cena is supposed to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. According to sources, there is a lot of talk within the organization that Cena will be the first person to not win a title directly after cashing in the briefcase. The feeling is that Cena is the one guy that can handle losing the cash in. They also could have The Big Show or The Rock cost Cena the match, which keeps Punk as champion and sidetracks Cena into another feud. There was also talk at RAW this week that there would be a major angle between John Cena and CM Punk next week where somehow Cena would keep his Money in the Bank briefcase. It’s almost guaranteed that this will change numerous times before RAW next week so take this with a grain of salt for now. Triple H recently directed that title reigns should be longer in order to build the importance of the belts. As you know by now, both CM Punk and Sheamus retained their titles at Money in the Bank. We noted that Cena’s Money in the Bank win was made within the last few weeks. At one point, he was going to be given the pay-per-view off.

* WWE has apparently put together a list of names they are expecting to appear on the show, but want to keep several names unadvertised. They have told these names to do “anything and everything” to keep the surprises secret including saying publicly that they will be somewhere else the night of the 1000th RAW.

* Tatanka, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, DDP, Steve Blackman, “Mean” Gene Okerlund, Vader, Doink the Clown, Bob Backlund and Sid Vicious have all also teased appearances, appeared recently, or been contacted by WWE about appearing. Expect a ton of former WWE talents to appear in addition to these names.

* Any talents who are under contract with TNA (Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Kurt Angle, etc.) will obviously NOT be appearing at the event.

* Ric Flair will likely not appear due to the ongoing TNA vs. WWE lawsuit. WWE isn’t going to risk taking any chances with TNA talents.

* The company didn’t promote Charlie Sheen as Social Media Ambassador, suggesting he will not be involved due to the fact that he quit Twitter.

* Goldberg shot down rumors that he will be at RAW next week for the 1,000th episode. When asked over Twitter by a fan, he posted: It’s not true!! RT @mrpops96: @Goldberg there are videos and rumours suggesting that you will be at Raw 1000 is it true?

* Kelly Kelly returns to WWE this week after being granted time off the road in late May. She tweeted Sunday, “On the road again. Can’t wait to see everyone at the #raw1000.” Kelly, who had been on the road on a weekly basis since joining WWE in 2006, was reportedly granted a break to spend time with her family and boyfriend. She last competed on television on the May 21 Raw SuperShow, losing to Beth Phoenix.

* The Ultimate Warrior recently addressed rumors that he would be appearing at the 1,000th RAW. On Twitter, a fan posted the following message to Warrior… hey did you hear everyone thinks you will be at ‪#RAW1000 Warrior responded with the following… I’ve never done what everyone else thinks. Never. Not once. As of last week, there were no plans to feature The Ultimate Warrior on the show. Of course, plans can change but he is not expected to appear as of this writing.

* Former WWE announcer Todd Grisham has stated that he will not be attending the 1,000th episode of RAW. The Coach will also not be at the 1,000th RAW event.

* During a Q&A session at Comic-Con last week, Dave Batista commented on a potential WWE return. Here is what he had to say… I’m not against going back. It’s just definitely not going to be this year.

* Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks have been tweeting all day about wanting to get a match on the 1,000th RAW event. The duo is asking fans to tweet about it. They have re-tweeted many responses from their followers as well.

* Stephanie McMahon, Jim Ross, Bret Hart, Rikishi, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman and Kelly Kelly have all stated that they are either in St. Louis or on their way to St. Louis for the 1,000th RAW.

* The latest on Wade Barrett’s WWE return is that he’ll be back following the SummerSlam pay-per-view. There was a rumor that he’d be appearing at the 1,000th RAW event but that doesn’t look to be happening now. Sources report that WWE creative already has a plan in place for him when he returns.

* Evan Bourne announced via Twitter that he won’t be on the 1,000th RAW tomorrow night, which is from his hometown in St. Louis. Bourne posted the following: Sorry friends! I won’t be in STL for the epic #raw1000 but when I DO work my way back on Raw, it will also be epic!

* Randy Orton will not be at the 1,000th RAW from his hometown of St. Lois due to his current Wellness Policy suspension. He’ll be able to return at the end of the month.

* Diamond Dallas Page is being promoted as a guest on the St. Louis’ FOX affiliate morning show tomorrow. That means he’s in St. Louis for RAW so expect him to appear live.

* Vader, who like DDP appeared in a segment on RAW in the past several weeks leading up to Monday, is currently in St. Louis and expected to appear at the 1,000th RAW event.

Sun has an interview up with Jerry Lawler who says that “there are almost 30 superstars from these past 1,000 episodes that are going to be coming back and joining us for the 1,000th show.”

* Road Warrior Animal has been telling his Twitter followers to petition WWE for him to appear at next week’s 1,000th RAW event. UPDATE: He is now confirmed for the event.

* Speaking of Road Warrior Animal, after competing at Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in San Diego, California, he stopped by the 100.3 KFAN-FM studios for Extreme Pro Wrestling Radio to discuss this coming Monday’s historic 1000th episode of RAW and confirmed his and other former WWE Superstars‘ involvement on the program. The WWE Hall of Famer may have spoiled the payoff of Heath Slater’s returning RAW legend angle while addressing rumors of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin‘s involvement with the program—who has not been announced to appear by WWE but is expected to be there. When asked whether The Rattlesnake will encounter Slater on the show, Animal responded, “Austin will definitely give him the stunner, ya know thats coming! Fans get ready, you’re gonna see a stunner!” Animal, who appeared on RAW in 1997 and 1998, also confirmed that he will be on hand for the festivities: “I will be making an appearance…people will see that my spikes from SmackDown were excellently repainted! Yeah, I’ll be there all painted up, with bells on boys! If it happens it happens, I’m ready!” On what else to expect for the unprecedented show, he said, “It’s gonna be star studded, on my flight alone is me, DDP and Bret “Hitman” Hart!”

* WWE Senior VP of Digital Operations Jason Hoch says that WWE‘s audience will have a say in character and storyline development. Hoch told in an interview that the RawActive social media initiative that starts Monday on RAW will allow the audience to “get a say in what happens next by deciding matches, stipulations, and character development. They can control if a general manager gets fired or who their favorite Superstar’s next opponent will be.”

* WWE Diva AJ Lee was a guest on Mark Madden’s radio show last week to promote tomorrow night’s 1,000th RAW event. The show airs on 105.9 “The X” in Pittsburgh, PA. AJ talked about her recent WWE push and “marriage” to Daniel Bryan on Monday’s RAW. She also talked about her ongoing angle with CM Punk, Kane and Daniel Bryan. She says she’s been a lifelong fan of the business and hints that she may be dating a current WWE superstar:




Bret Hart to accompany UFC fighter tonight

On the preliminary matches for UFC tonight on the FX Network, WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling legend Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart will accompany Nick ‘The Promise’ Ring to the octagon before his fight with Court McGee.

The reason for Hart accompanying him is that McGee is from Calgary, Alberta like the Hart family.

Hogan clarifies his Northeast Wrestling appearance status

Hogan posted the following tweets:

This makes it clear Hogan didn’t know his own schedule and erroneously called the promotion deceptive. Hopefully he will fulfill his commitments and attend.

Hulk Hogan accuses Northeast Wrestling of deception

TNA authority figure Hulk Hogan accused the Northeast Wrestling promotion of being “deceptive” in advertising him for their September 22 show in New York. Hogan, who is listed as the headline act for the event, tweeted Thursday night, “Northeastwrestling on oww forums is very deceptive,I never signed to wrestle for any of these independents,won’t be there on Sept 22. HH.” Hogan’s tweet goes against the most-recent tweet from NEW on Wednesday, which reads: “Hulk Hogan’s surgery went well and he will be ready for Sept. 22nd in Fishkill, N.Y.”

NEW is now announcing adding Roddy Piper to the show.

On a personal note, this is disappointing, since I was planning on attending the event.

Bruno Sammartino Declines WWE Hall Of Fame Invite

Triple H recently contacted Bruno Sammartino and extended an invitation into the WWE Hall of Fame during Wrestlemania XXIX weekend. According to their conversation, Triple H stated the ceremony is possibly being held at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Sammartino declined the invitation because of issues with WWE but said Hunter was a gentleman and he was impressed by him. Due to issues with Vince McMahon, Sammartino wants nothing to do with WWE.

DX reunion advertised for Raw taping

The latest Shawn Michaels & Triple H DX reunion is advertised for the July 23 Raw recognizing 1,000 episodes, according to updated advertising sent out by the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. Also of note is Randy Orton has been removed from advertising for the big Raw taping in his hometown – Orton’s 60-day suspension is up at the end of July.


Major Update: Chris Jericho/ Brazil Update

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer   Here is the latest news and notes on the Chris Jericho-WWE Brazil story:   – This is NOT a work by any means.   – Jericho was rushed to the airport late last night and they got him out of the country and into Ecuador ASAP. As of earlier this morning, he was in Ecuador. He’s likely on his way back home now.   – WWE management met with and issued an apology to the Brazilian government last night and this morning.   – In Brazil, desecrating the flag is grounds for incarceration. It’s against the law.

- Jericho was told by police and government officials that he had two choices – either apologize right then and there or be arrested and escorted out of the arena in handcuffs. They would have also shut the entire show down and sent fans home.   – Jericho has been pulled from the entire tour and has been suspended for 30 days. He will not be at the No Way Out PPV and the planned match with Randy Orton is off. They started the angle on RAW Monday and had planned to do a match between the two at the pay-per-view.   – This is something Jericho did completely on his own. WWE had absolutely no knowledge of this and it wasn’t part of the script. A fan actually brought the flag and gave it to CM Punk as he was entering the ring.

Jericho releases statement following suspension for Brazil flag incident

WWE has released comments from Chris Jericho following his suspension for a flag incident at Thursday’s house show in Brazil. “I made a bad judgment call in the course of entertaining fans in Brazil,” Jericho said. “I apologized to the people in the crowd for showing disrespect.” Jericho added, “It was a bad move. I did it with fans’s entertainment in mind and I’ll accept the consequences for that.”

Ric Flairquitting #TNA to leave for #WWE

Several TNA sources have now confirmed that Ric Flair has “quit” TNA Wrestling. According to three different TNA sources, Flair no-showed several TNA events last weekend and didn’t show up to the iMPACT! tapings last Monday and Tuesday. TNA is trying to smooth things over but as of now, he is done with the company. Flair and Dixie Carter have had talks over the past week. There are rumblings that Flair will be signing with WWE under a “Legends Deal” to help promote the WWE Network. Flair also has an energy drink and lottery endorsements which he’s making money from.   As we noted earlier, people close to Ric Flair and TNA have confirmed that the two sides are at a major impasse, as there is a ton of heat on Flair for conduct outside the ring. One TNA source described the situation as, “being at the point it’s not worth keeping Flair around.” There have reportedly been a number of incidents involving Flair at local establishments and bars in Orlando since coming to the company. Sources say that Flair was banned from drinking at the Hard Rock Cafe in Citiwalk due to an incident with him “acting inappropriate”, leading to venue management banishing him.   There have been reports from talent in TNA that Flair has not been able to cover bar tabs repeatedly, and company management getting a call from the hotel and/or bar seeking payment. The most recent incident at the hotel TNA utilizes for their wrestlers and staff, which the company has had a great relationship with for years. This was reportedly the last straw in the situation, as Flair was pulled from the Louisiana house shows and the final TV Tapings before Impact Wrestling goes live on May 31st.   Many have compared this to the situation on the European tour last year, where TNA’s Craig Jenkins, after several days of fronting Flair money to cover a bar tab, refused to do so again. Flair then screamed at Jenkins in front of the entire crew and refusing to get on the TNA tour bus to head to the next date, and was then left behind. Publicly, Flair blamed the matter on the company not giving him “advances” like he would get when touring for WWE, citing that he was “used” to that treatment.

Many forces within the company have been against having him as a regular since he came into the company, noting that while he carries a high price tag, he hasn’t translated into drawing money or ratings for the company. And now with these issues, it seems, as all they are getting is “Ric Flair level behavior,” not “Ric Flair level performances.”

Others within the company feel that Flair and WWE put them in a “no win situation” when Flair was announced for the WWE Hall of Fame, noting that the company had no choice but to allow him to go in, or else they would look like they were denying Flair and the fans. Flair reportedly did not know that he was getting inducted but he publicly told fans he would be there “on stage” before a deal was signed that would allow him to appear.   Spike TV sources also note that there have also been a number of requests from the network end to keep Flair dressed and not have him near nude/in his wrestling gear and bleeding on TV at his age. There was even an order of arrest out for him if Flair did not pay the agreed settlement by a certain date. That order was issued because Flair had missed several agreed dates for payment of the settlement. The money was eventually paid and the NWA World title belt, which was holding as collateral, was seen displayed at WWE AXXESS this year. Most believe that WWE paid the debt and acquired the belt for their archive.   Unfortunately since leaving WWE, Flair has had several issues. He signed for a number of appearances with Ring of Honor, and then pulled out citing his relationship with WWE. Most feel that Flair realized ROH weren’t going to use Reid Flair following a drug arrest. When Flair didn’t pay back an advance given to him, ROH filed a lawsuit against him Flair also had issues with over money owed to them.

Another source reports that Alex Shelley has quit the company as well. We can’t confirm that as of this writing. As noted earlier, WWE is looking at doing a “cruiserweight” show on the WWE Network and they are said to be interested in Shelley.

WWE says Jericho “may be facing final days in WWE ring”

In a storyline context, WWE acknowledged through their website Chris Jericho’s imminent WWE departure in a new article previewing Over the Limit. WWE wrote, “Jericho may be facing his final days in a WWE ring if he fails to capitalize on his fourth title opportunity in as many pay-per-view events at WWE Over the Limit this Sunday.” The article reviews Jericho’s re-introduction in January when he promised the “end of the world” before failing to capitalize on title opportunities.

Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Survivor ’96 PT2

Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Survivor ’96 PT1

Hogan buys new mansion

According to property records, Hulk Hogan and his new wife, Jennifer, have bought a new $3.3 million Florida mansion in Clearwater Beach. Hogan, who recently sold his “Hogan Knows Best” mansion for $6.2 million, bought a 5,000-square-foot home built in 2009 that includes “an elevator, fireplace, pool, and two spas” that “looks out on an open expanse of secluded gulf beachfront.”

[ LINK: Report at ]

Video: Jerry Lawler Piledrives a ‘Clippers Fan’ at Grizzlies vs Clippers game

Update: ‘Sunny’ No-Shows Two More Indy Events



All Sports Rumors & News >

According to the official Facebook page of Big Time Wrestling, Tammy “Sunny” Sytch no-showed the promotion’s Friday and Saturday shows in Maine. She also no-showed Live Pro Wrestling on Thursday after the promotion paid for her flight and half of her appearance fee. She was replaced by fellow WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas on all three shows.

“Thanks to all the fans who joined us in Saco and Presque Isle! We are very sorry that Tammy Sytch’s personal demons prevented her from showing up to the towns. Mr. USA Tony Atlas was a class act as a replacement! We’ll see you all again soon!” the promotion stated Sunday afternoon in a message that was deleted hours later.

Sytch has no-showed several advertised appearances in the past year including four other bookings since March. She was recently scheduled to appear for American Icon Autographs at WrestleReunion in Toronto, Ontario but “personal issues” prevented her from appearing at the event. American Icon Autographs stated they have no intention on working with her again after having bailed on the organization a third time.

The WWE Hall of Famer has been battling health problems in recent months; she has stated multiple times on her personal Facebook page being sick and/or hospitalized. Sytch claimed Sunday evening via Facebook that she suffered a concussion and a black eye after “taking a bad fall a week ago in the rain.”

Triple H Set For #RAW

Triple H is scheduled to be on raw tonight!!

Update On Edge & WWE

As noted earlier, it appears that Edge is going to let his contract with WWE expire on Monday. The 2012 WWE Hall of Famer was reportedly offered a new deal to remain exclusive to the company and didn’t sign it. As noted earlier, Edge is scheduled to make an appearance at the May 11th Resistance Pro event in Chicago, IL. This will be his first appearance outside of WWE in many years. Edge is being billed as a “special guest” at the event. The May 11th event will be headlined by champion Harry Smith vs. Rhino, who has strong ties to Edge dating back many years.

Crush vs. Shawn Michaels

Nash doesn’t want WWE HOF induction

Recent WWE star Kevin Nash said in a series of Twitter posts Thursday night/Friday morning that a WWE Hall of Fame induction “means nothing” to him. Also, he has told his wife to decline an invitation if he dies before he’s asked to be inducted.

“HOF means nothing to me,If I Die before it I,ve asked my wife to pass.Nothing against it or WWE,but if Pete Rose ain’t in cooperstown,” Nash said before his tweet was cut off. Nash added, “Just don’t need it to validate my life.I wake every morning to the sight of the ocean. for a Detroit boy I’m already in.” Nash added later, “I watched it this year from up close,just don’t need the stress,I love the WWE,just love me more.90% of my shout outs are gone.Not cool.”

Hogan threatens suit over sextape pics

Hulk Hogan, through his attorney, is threatening a lawsuit against following publication of photos from Hogan’s alleged sex tape made several years ago. According to a TMZ report, Hogan’s attorney has sent a cease & desist letter to the website editor formally requesting the photos be removed. Otherwise, they may proceed with a lawsuit.

The lawyer wrote to the editor, “As you know, should a sex tape or photographs of Mr. Bollea exist, they were taken without his consent and therefore the same would constitute a felony in the State of Florida.” According to TMZ, the website has no intentions of removing the photos, which could lead to Hogan’s side taking legal action.

[ LINK: Report at ]

Andre the Giant tag vs. The Funks – March 23, 1986

Nikita Koloff vs. Magnum TA – September 13, 1986

Randy Savage vs. Jake Roberts – January 31, 1992

Terry Taylor is being brought back by WWE for a new developmental job near WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT.

As noted before, Terry Taylor is being brought back by WWE for a new developmental job near WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT. The proposed role for Taylor is heading up something of a “finishing school” – a place where the top guys in FCW will be coached by him more individually before going to the main roster. The plan is to take around 10 or so of the best guys in developmental, the ones closest to being called up, and give them to Taylor for new ideas before their debut.

Trailer For Booker T’s The Reality Of Wrestling

Trailer For Booker T’s The Reality Of WrestlingBooker T will be releasing his new YouTube show called The Reality of Wrestling next month. This trailer has been released to hype the new show.

Mick Foley: Putting Over Dean Ambrose Is ‘Bullsh*t’

The feud between Mick Foley and Dean Ambrose continues online but according to Foley, it’s over. Foley has written a new blog about Ambrose on his official website. Here’s part of what he wrote:

“Let me state for the record that I have only spoken to FCW prospect Dean Ambrose on three different occasions. Following his match on a WWE house show on Long Island, I went out of my way to tell him I had enjoyed his match. The skills and unique qualities qualities he posseses might very well make him a force to be reckoned with somewhere down the line. He has supporters in lofty places who feel he might be a huge asset to WWE for a decade or more in the future. I’m also told that his interviews ( “promos” as we call them) are compelling, intelligent and emotional; every bit as good as the top guys in WWE.

My second conversation with Mr Ambrose got quite a bit of attention. I know there has been alot of speculation as to the nature of this conversation. To me, it was whatever anyone wanted it to be; a shoot, a work, or somewhare in the middle – as almost all compelling pieces in sports-entertainment ultimately are.

I’m far more concerned with my third conversation with the guy. Look, Ive been accused from time to time of taking some things in the business a little too seriously. Maybe I do. But like that sailor-man of old, “I am what I am, and that’s all that I am.” After all these years, there are some things that just bother me. Remember that “Cane Dewey” promo from 1995 that so many are still fond of? It actually came from a very heavy place in my heart, when my wife impressed on me just how sick it was for any fan to be making a sign advocating the beating (even in jest) of my 3 year-old child.

That’s the immediate feeling I got when I actually read the Dean Ambrose tweet that mentioned his dream to seeing me no longer able to make a dime in the wrestling business – with a particularly nasty mention of how he wanted to see my home repossesed and my children starved. Maybe the 1995 Cactus Jack would have cut a promo on the guy. The 2102 Mick Foley just wonders what would make something say something so stupid, heartless and ignorant. I felt Dean Ambrose had crossed a line that shouldn’t be crossed, so took the opportunity before the Hampton, Virginia Smackdown to ask/tell him to please stop crossing a line that I wasn’t comfortable with. Ric Flair had once asked a similar consideration of me before a memorable promo we shared in New Jersey in 2006. Of course I honored his request. Ours is a business built on trust and respect. I thought Dean Ambrose understood this. But less than a day after making my request, I saw that my children were once again the subject of his tweets – a reference to how I might feel differently about something if my children were in wheel-chairs. Maybe I would have cut a heck of a promo about it in 1995. Seventeen years later, I just wanted to get the fuck away from the whole scenario. It’s not fun, it’s not cutting edge. It just sucks.

Sports-entertainment has to involve a certain ammount of respect and trust. It’s pretty obvious Dean Ambrose doesn’t have any respect for me, my requests, or what I have done in the wrestling business. Therefore I can’t place the slightest ammount of trust in him. Has anyone wondered if I’m feeling better following the concussion I spoke of in that December 2010 TNA Impact promo with Flair? I’m not feeling too much better. I tend to have two types of days when it comes to that muted, under-water feeling I spoke of in that promo – bad and worse. I’m just not the same guy who took 11 chair shots from the Rock in 1999. I haven’t been that guy in a long time. Given my history of concussions, I would have to be a fool to place my future in the hands of someone I don’t trust. Perhaps I do have another decent match left in me. If so, it will be with a guy like Dolph Ziggler, who might well be the best worker in the business, and just needs that ONE little something to allow the WWE Universe to see how talented he really is. Or a guy like the Miz – one of the best heels of this generation. Say what you want to about Miz, but the guy is damn good at what he does.

But Dean Ambrose? No. I may not have the power I once did in the business, but I still have the power to say no to things that just flat-out seem wrong. Like trying to put Dean Ambrose on the WWE map. A few weeks ago, it seemed like an interesting challenge. Now, it seems like an insult. A few weeks ago, it seemed like cutting-edge stuff. Now it just seems like bullshit. He is a very good talent. He has those supporters in high places. Let them wrestle him. Maybe they can put him on the WWE map. Good luck.”

Rock co-producing new TV series

“The Rock” Dwayne Johnson is co-producing a new TV competition show titled, “The Hero,” which sounds like a combination of Amazing Race and social media. According to, the “social media competition series” will feature three teams on three different continents in a simultaneous race that tests “their courage, leadership skills, and self-sacrifice limits.” The show will be distributed by Electus International, which is working with Rock on the project in its early stages.

The Rock tweets WrestleMania buyrate

The Rock has just tweeted that WrestleMania 28 did 1.3 million buys, stating:

@TheRock: WRESTLEMANIA 28 sets all time record. 1.3 million PPV buys. $67 million one day gross. BIGGEST MATCH OF ALL TIME. #MyHonor

This is far from the 1.9m that had been rumored earlier, but is in line with WWE expectations going into the event.

Video – Hulk Hogan tries to rally Philadelphia Flyers fans

The Flyers did win the game.

However, Hogan did a similar video earlier this season for the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Flyer’s opponents in their first round series.

Anything for a buck, right Hulk?

The Undertaker’s WWE Future

At WrestleMania XXVIII, The Undertaker and Triple H met inside Hell in a Cell in a bout that was branded as “the end of an era.” The latest issue of WWE Magazine, which features The Undertaker on the cover, plays up the “the end of an era” storyline as they ask “Will The Deadman Rise Again?”

Despite speculation that The Undertaker’s match may have been his last, many WWE employees now believe he is able to compete in a few more matches and will almost certainly work WrestleMania XXIX. This belief is based on The Undertaker appearing less injured following his WrestleMania outing compared to the prior year’s.

Perfect Team vs Ultimate Warriors 1990 #WWE

#WWE Classics – Boston Garden 12/6/86 #Hogan VS #Kamala

Edge at Comic-Con this afternoon

2012 WWE Hall of Famer Edge is scheduled to appear at the Wizard World Toronto Comic Con Saturday afternoon from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. The event takes place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Details on Edge’s “VIP Experience” appearance can be found at .

Kurt Angle pulls out of Olympic Trials

In a not-so-shocking development, Kurt Angle has just tweeted that he will be pulling out of his attempt to make the 2012 US Olympic Team

[blackbirdpie url="!/RealKurtAngle/status/190448218889392128"]

He went on to say that he WILL be competing in the TNA Lockdown PPV

[blackbirdpie url="!/RealKurtAngle/status/190449029778374657"]

As I said when he posted that he was injured, this certainly makes the injuries look like a made up excuse to drop out of the trials. If he was truly injured, he wouldn’t be competing at Lockdown.

Lars Ulrich disputes Hogan’s claim of ‘almost’ joining Metallica

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich disputed Hulk Hogan’s (Terry Bollea) oft-repeated claim about “almost” joining the legendary rock band in an interview with Howard Stern earlier this week. “That one, when that showed up two or three months ago, I was scratching my head over that one. Unless he went by – I don’t know Hulk Hogan, I don’t know enough about him… I’m not a huge wrestling (fan) – if there was a whole thing that we had with him under a different name, but I certainly have no recollection of doing anything with quote Hulk Hogan endquote. That one, I was scratching my head on that one, too.”


Piper’s Pit with Special Guest Daniel Bryan in case you missed it!

SCOTT HALL Arrested for Beating GF — He’d Been ‘Drinking for Days’

Scott Hall mug shot
Wrestling legend Scott Hall was arrested Friday after allegedly choking out his girlfriend in a drunken fit of rage — this according to the arrest report, obtained by TMZ.

According to the report, cops were called to Scott’s Florida home over a domestic disturbance in progress around 5pm. When they arrived, Scott’s GF Lisa Howell informed police he had attacked her.

According to Lisa, Scott had been drinking for days and the two had gotten into some kind of argument. Lisa says she got into her car, and in a blind rage, Scott grabbed her by the throat and tried to pull her out of the driver’s seat.

According to the report, police confronted Scott — who appeared heavily intoxicated with an “unknown white secretion flowing from both sides of his mouth” — but he denied ever getting violent.

Police observed several signs of physical injury on Lisa — including red marks around her neck — so they placed Scott under arrest for domestic battery.

Scott — billed at 6’7″ and 287 pounds — required TWO sets of handcuffs.

But his problems didn’t end there — according to the report, Scott was so drunk … the jail refused to book him … so the arresting officer had to drag him to a nearby hospital to get medical clearance.

The physicians gave their thumbs up and Scott was brought back to the correctional facility, where he was finally booked on the domestic violence charge.

Lisa has refused to press charges. So far, it’s unclear if the case will move forward.

Ric Flair Speculated to Return to the WWE Sometime in 2013

There is a lot of talk going around the wrestling world that Ric Flair will be back with WWE in 2013, especially if the Network gets off the ground since a lot of his footage will be used and he’s very popular with the public.

Flair’s deal with TNA expires at the end of this year.   Flair did an interview for a Charlotte radio station earlier this week where he claimed his last wrestling match was the retirement match against Shawn Michaels. He also talked highly of Vince McMahon and The Rock

Possible Legends SD **SPOILER** For Next Week

As previously reported, WWE’s live SmackDown will have an “Old School” theme. Mick Foley, Roddy Piper, Howard Finkel, Tony Atlas, Pat Patterson, Gene Okerlund, Hacksaw Duggan, Hillbilly Jim and more are set to appear on the show. There’s a possibility that they may announce a debut for WWE Legends House, with talk that it may run on SyFy since the WWE Network has been pushed back.

Zbyzko, alive, at indy show tonight

Larry Zbyszko, who was subject of unfounded death rumors Friday on Twitter, is scheduled to appear at an “I Believe in Wrestling” independent show in Florida Saturday night. The show is also scheduled to feature Zbyszko’s son, Tim Zbyszko, in action. A poster on the promotion website is also listing Scott Hall for the show in Orlando, Fla. More details can be found at .

Stone Cold’s ranch hit hard by storm (pic)

TMZ published a report on WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s Texas ranch being hit hard by a nasty storm this week. Austin noted his barn was destroyed, with violent winds blowing the top off. Austin said fixing it “ain’t gonna be cheap,” but he plans to use it as a chance to upgrade his barn by adding more storage space.stone cold's ranch

Photo of Mike Tyson backstage at WrestleMania with The Undertaker

Bruno Sammartino to appear at Ring of Honor Event

The most deserving person not in the WWE Hall of Fame, Bruno Sammartino will be appearing at Ring of Honor’s June 30 show in the Pittsburgh area, the promotion announced Friday. Tickets are currently on-sale for the show at the Rostraver Ice Garden featuring a meet-and-greet with Sammartino at this link.

WWE issues statement on death of Chief Jay Strongbow

The short statement by the company reads:

“WWE was saddened to learn of the passing of Jay Scarpa, who was better known to the WWE Universe as Chief Jay Strongbow. Strongbow made his in-ring debut in 1947, and over the course of his WWE career, he participated in many memorable matches. A four-time World Tag Team Champion, Strongbow was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1994. WWE sends our deepest condolences to Strongbow’s family, friends, and fans.”


Former WWE star Ultimate Warrior has been added to the “Legends of the Ring” fanfest in New Jersey on June 2

Former WWE star Ultimate Warrior has been added to the “Legends of the Ring” fanfest in New Jersey on June 2. Details on Warrior’s “Ultimate Experience” signing can be found at .

The announcement was made on Warrior’s Twitter page, where an additional post was made claiming Warrior tore his right biceps muscle. A picture was posted at this link .

“Unexpected, exciting, new challenge. Torn Bicep. Reattached Monday. Rehab and Training commences immediately. ABW   ”

ulitmate warrior torn bicep

Chief Jay Strongbow VS Prof. Toru Tanaka 1973

Reports: Chief Jay Strongbow dies

According to reports, Chief Jay Strongbow has passed away Tuesday.

Bret Hart, JBL, and Matt Hardy were among the wrestlers to take to Twitter to post remembrances.

Reminder: Hall of Fame airs at 8pm on USA

Watch the Hall of Fame induction ceremony tonight on the USA network prior to Raw. It will start at 8pm, and will be the highlights of the ceremony.

Why did Jim Ross call Hell in a Cell?

We’ve heard from a WWE source that the reason Good Ol’ JR was brought to ringside to call a single match at WrestleMania 28 was because the Undertaker requested it several weeks ago.

If that is the case, it means that once again @jrsbarbq on twitter was not telling the truth when asked about his role at WrestleMania.

WrestleMania – The Rock’s win proves his ego is out of control

In the long history of ‘passing the torch’ matches, no one has had the ridiculous ego to not put the new guy over.

Hogan even put the Rock over 10 years ago. But could Dwayne do the same? No. He just couldn’t bring himself to job to John Cena.

And Cena, being the company man – scratch that, the man – that he is, did the job. Clean I might add. Its been a very, very long time since John Cena lost a match completely clean. But he did it last night to The Rock.

The question is: Why? 

What purpose did Rock winning serve?

  • To stroke his ego? Accomplished.
  • To get the live crowd to go bonkers? Accomplished.
  • To give old Rock fans a moment? Accomplished.
  • To push storylines ahead? We have to wait and see.
  • To prove Cena is the face of the WWE? Failed.
  • To give the current fans – the ones that aren’t just tuning in to see The Rock – a moment? Failed.
No one wanted to see interference. No one wanted to see a crappy finish. We got neither of those. That was good. But the WWE had two people in this match. One they know is only doing one more appearance for a while, and that is tonight on Raw. The other will be there every single night for the foreseeable future. Why did the one that was leaving get the win?
This is equivalent of letting Bret beat Shawn in Montreal. Bret wanted the win there, because it was Canada, and said he would vacate the belt on Raw the next night. But Vince didn’t want to see someone that was leaving win on his last Pay Per View. So he screwed Bret. At least we know Vince has changed his mind on such things in the meantime.
Maybe the WWE will surprise me and go somewhere with Cena from this. But I doubt it. I think Vince’s love for Rock just allowed him to let a – lets face it – non-wrestler go over his biggest star in the biggest event of the year. And for no other reason than the huge pop from the crowd.
Rock will come out tonight, say the same exact things he’s said for a year, and be gone. He’ll going away to film movies. Good riddance.

Undertaker defeats Triple H in hell in the cell at #Wrestlemania

#WrestleMania – @TheRock arrives at Sun Life Stadium

Pictures from #WWE #Axxess

Shawn Michaels had an interview with Brian Fitz of Between The Ropes about his role at Wrestlemania. He also teased something big for RAW.

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Undertaker vs HHH – Hell in a Cell

Its finally WrestleMania day. And I’m down to my predictions on the two biggest matches.

Hell in a Cell: Undertaker vs HHH

To me, this match is extremely easy to call. But the build and the storyline require I give it a little time.

This started last year, with the 2-21-12 promos. Undertaker came back, fans went wild. He came out into the ring … and out walks HHH. He challenges to a WrestleMania match, seemingly for no good reason.

They have an epic match, as much as Undertaker could handle with all his injuries then, and Undertaker wins, before being carted out of the arena. That is the focus of the feud for this year – that he had to be carted out.

HHH said that he didn’t want the rematch because he knew he would have to ‘end’ the Undertaker to win. But Undertaker simply called HHH a coward and he accepted – as long as it was Hell in a Cell. Lot of convincing, there.

Shawn Michaels was then added by the ‘board’ as special guest referee, which adds another level of intrigue to the match. With UT telling HHH that ‘Shawn is better’, it sets the stage for HHH attacking Shawn during the match.

I don’t think there is any way Undertaker loses. By all reports, he is in better condition this year than last, and his injuries and surgeries have healed well. Having him lose the streak to an older wrestler like HHH makes no sense whatsoever, and does not further anyone or anything except for HHH’s ego. Which, as we know, is a considerable thing in itself.

There is no indication that this is Undertaker’s last match. Despite them calling this ‘the end of an era’, it will not be that.

I see Michaels costing HHH the match somehow. Either purposely or accidentally, and HHH taking it out on Shawn tomorrow night on Raw. This will set up one of next years main events – Shawn Michaels vs HHH at WrestleMania 29.

Winner and 20-0: Undertaker

Pictures from Hall of Fame ceremony

#WrestleMania 28 Tonight: Story Recap

#WrestleMania Stage – First look

Wrestlemania dark match announced – triple threat tag team championship match

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Kelly Kelly & Maria Menuonos vs Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Randy Orton vs Kane

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes vs The Big Show

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Team Teddy vs Team Johnny

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: @CMPunk vs @IAmJericho

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Undetaker vs HHH – Hell in a Cell (Posting at 11am)

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: The Rock vs John Cena (Posting at 4pm)

Day Before #WrestleMania – Rumors

When worlds collide Mike Tyson meets the Iron Shiek

Mike Tyson at the annual #WrestleMania Pro Am Golf

Mike Tyson is part of WWE Divas Eve and Layla’s flash mob at @WrestleMania#Axxess!

John Cena reveals the origin of “You Can’t See Me”

Who is #WWE Superstar John Cena?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is ready for #WrestleMania 28

Report: #WWE rehires Fit Finlay

CM Punk Answers Twitter Questions on Video

Sheamus talks #WrestleMania, motivation, WWE ’12

@WWE#AXXESS Our very lucky on the scene reporter at WWE AXXESS

When worlds collide Mike Tyson meets the Iron Shiek

Live Smackdown on April 10th has a theme

According to the website for the Hampton Coliseum, where the April 10th Smackdown will originate, the show will use the very popular ‘Old School’ theme.

WWE Smackdown broadcasts live from the Hampton Coliseum on April 10th! WWE goes old school! See your favorite WWE legends including: Rowdy Roddy PiperPat PattersonJimmy Hart, “Hacksaw” Jim DugganTony AtlasMean Gene OkerlandHoward FinkelHillbilly Jim. Come see the main Six Man Street Fight Match - “The Great White” Sheamus, “The Apex Predator” Randy Orton and “The World’s Largest Athlete” The Big Show vs. World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry and Cody Rhodes. Also, see all of your favorite SMACKDOWN Superstars including The Great KhaliTed Dibiase and many more! Lineup subject to change.

Day Before #WrestleMania – Rumors

We’ve had reports in the last 24 hours of the following people being on site for WrestleMania:

Brock Lesnar
Dave Bautista
Amy Dumas (Lita)

Lita is most likely there to support Edge for his Hall of Fame Induction.

Lesnar and Bautista could be there for any reason, from appearing at the event for some reason to simply being there because they are friends with current superstars. Lesnar is known to be ‘close’ to the Undertaker, and UT has famously gone to Lesnar’s UFC bouts.

Bautista has said that he was not happen with the direction of the WWE, so seeing him return to action would be a surprise.

More as it develops.

Edge with short hair – pic

Stone Cold answers questions on video

The question you’re waiting for is at the 7:50 mark. He says he wouldn’t take more than 30-35 minutes to whip CM Punk’s ass.