Wrestlemania 29 Predictions

Our predictions for tonight:
Rock vs Cena
Triple H vs Brock Lesnar
Del Rio vs Swagger
Orton, Sheamus, & Show vs The Shield
Barrett vs Miz
Ryback vs Mark Henry
Hell No vs Team AJ
Jericho vs Fandango
Tons of Funk + Funkadaclys vs Rhodes Scholars + Bella Twins
vs Punk

Two title changes: The WWE and Tag Team titles. Cena gets help winning. This will either turn him heel or start a slow heel turn for him.

I believe, without Bearer’s death, Punk was going to win and break the streak. The way they’ve built it, though, I can’t see Taker losing.

#SummerSlam Final Card & Predictions

Preshow: United States Championship Match – Santino Marella (c) vs. Antonio Cesaro

I can’t see Cesaro going over yet. He gets little to no reaction from the live audience, regardless of the IWC or people who watched him in ROH. If it wasn’t for Aksana, he wouldn’t even be on TV.
Winner: Santino Marella 

WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Kofi Kingston & R-Truth (c) vs. The Prime Time Players


The tag division is a strange place. Primo and Epico were picking up victories over PTP left and right, and then they just got left behind. Now with AW being released, I can’t see PTP being able to hold the titles on their own right now.
Winners: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth 

Intercontinental Championship Match – The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio

Mysterio has floundered since coming back from injury and suspension. The Miz came back from filming The Marine 3 and was given the IC title right away. Regardless of Mysterio’s win over The Miz to get this title opportunity, I don’t think the powers that be want him getting a push right now.
Winner: The Miz 

Kane vs. Daniel Bryan

Easy one to choose. Kane doesn’t need to win. However, they want to keep Bryan looking strong.
Winner: Daniel Bryan 

Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler

Jericho is leaving soon and Ziggler is going to cash in the briefcase and get a WHC-feud. However, I think they are going to give Jericho a ‘thank you’ for him doing the job to anyone and everyone this run, and let him have someplace to go when he comes back next time – directly into a feud with Ziggler.

Winner: Chris Jericho

WWE Championship Triple Threat Match – CM Punk (c) vs. John Cena vs. Big Show

Big Show will not win. He doesn’t even have to be in this match. Waste of time. With Punk already attacking The Rock and feuding with him on Twitter, I find it hard to see him losing the belt between now and Royal Rumble.
Winner: CM Punk 

World Heavyweight Championship Match – Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

Sheamus demanded to have this match put back on. That doesn’t bode well for him winning it. I see some sort of dirty finish with Del Rio winning the title. Then Sheamus destroys Del Rio after the bell, and Ziggler comes down to cash in Money in the Bank. This might even happen BEFORE Ziggler vs Jericho.
Winner and new World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio 

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

The WWE has made Lesnar look pretty bad. While he dominated Cena before losing, since then he’s looked downright horrible. He takes this win to push him into whoever he feuds with next.
Winner: Brock Lesnar 

The Rumored Royal Rumble & WrestleMania Main Events

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE’s booking committee are contemplating a scenario where CM Punk would drop the WWE Championship to John Cena at SummerSlam to set up a rematch between Cena and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at Royal Rumble.

Johnson announced at RAW 1,000 that he would face whoever the WWE Champion is at the January pay-per-view event. Johnson would defeat Cena at the Rumble and then defend the title against Punk at WrestleMania XXIX. There is that scenario and the other is that CM Punk would defeat John Cena at SummerSlam to retain his title and then go on to face The Rock at the Royal Rumble. Johnson would win the title there and then go on to face John Cena in a rematch from last year’s WrestleMania main event. As of last word, WWE didn’t want to do a Cena/Rock rematch at WrestleMania 29 so the first scenario looks more likely. Either way, The Rock, John Cena and CM Punk are the three men WWE wants involved in the angle.

Of course, plans can and likely will change but this was at least talked about during backstage meetings at RAW on Monday.


Below are some confirmed and rumored names + segments for tonight’s 1,000th episode of RAW. This is a recap of all the 1,000th RAW news we’ve posted over the past week. This is what we know so far and we’ll be updating this post leading into the show tonight:

* The show begins at 8EST and will be three-hours weekly (8-11EST) starting next week.

* WWE Title Match: CM Punk vs. John Cena.

* Intercontinental Title Match: Christian vs. ???

* DX Reunion: This will open the show at 8EST.

* Sean Waltman (X-Pac) appeared on the Cowhead show on Friday and hinted that he will be at RAW on Monday night. Waltman said, “I can’t foresee a DX reunion without X-Pac.” WWE has been contacting numerous former talents this week so it’s possible he’ll be there. He had been tweeting in recent weeks that WWE had not contacted him. All signs are now pointing to a “full” DX reunion with Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Road Dogg, Billy Gunn and X-Pac all appearing. That is not confirmed just yet but it is looking more and more likely. Chyna will not be appearing for obvious reasons.

* During a recent interview with The Miami Herald, Jerry Lawler was speaking abut the origin of the “puppies” line he had used for years. While doing so, he may have announced another surprise return for Monday’s 1,000th RAW“I actually got to give credit to a guy who I think will be returning on the 1,000th episode. It was a member of DX, Road Dogg (Jesse) James. I believe he was talking to Sable at the time. DX was in the ring, and Sable was in the ring, and somehow I believe Road Dogg said, ‘Hey, show us your puppies.’ It kind of floated by. No big deal at that point and time, but then I started using the word a couple of weeks later, and it just stuck.”

* Brock Lesnar returns and will confirm his match with Triple H at SummerSlam. Paul Heyman will be there with Lesnar.

* The Rock returns to WWE to address his quest for the WWE Title. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is rumored to be contemplating competing in a match or two before WrestleMania XXIX on April 7, 2013 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. An announcement could come as soon as Monday.

* There have been rumors for months that WWE was going to be doing a big summer angle that would get people talking. There is a lot of speculation that the angle will be kicked off Monday night, likely at the end of the show. There aren’t many details going around at this time, as those within the company have been keeping tight lipped.

* Daniel Bryan and AJ will have a wedding.

* The announcement of a new permanent RAW General Manager.

* WWE Legends Bret Hart, Mick Foley and Roddy Piper are all confirmed to return.

* Roddy Piper posted the following, discussing whether or not he will appear at the 1,000th RAW“If I go to Raw’s 1000th episode I’m not doing lame work. Let me roll Vince. I’ll show them why Raw’s the longest running show!” As noted above, Piper is confirmed for next week’s show.

* Local Advertisements in St. Louis are promoting Bret Hart to appear at Monday’s 1,000th RAW. Hart was advertised a few weeks ago, but then there was no follow up. The new local ads that started to run this week pushed Hart as appearing. As noted above, Hart is confirmed for next week’s show.

* Vince and Stephanie McMahon will appear on the show. Shane McMahon is said to be a long shot and Linda McMahon probably won’t happen because of her ongoing Senate campaign trying to distance her from the WWE product. There will also be the usual “2nd tier” legends appearing as well.

* WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross discussed Monday’s RAW 1,000 show on the Sports Illustrated Hot Clicks Podcast, and what he would like to contribute to the show: “It’s kind of like a baseball player going to the All Star game in Kansas City. I’m just kind of waiting to see what the manager puts on the lineup card. I know I’m on the roster, I know I’m figured to do something, I’m just waiting to see where my name is penciled in. With an old guy like me who’s been around the horn — been weathered — there’s nothing that can be assigned that I probably haven’t already done. In a perfect world I’d love to call a match, but that’s not my call. But I’m ready to play, whatever they want me to do, I’m ready to roll.”

* As most of you know by now, WWE‘s flagship program RAW will celebrate its 1000th episode this coming Monday. During her near seven-year run, Trish Stratus participated in 160 matches-the most of any female-and created many memorable moments along the way. The legendary grappler is recalling the memories on her official website, TrishStratus.com, as she ranks her top five moments and top five matches. The quintessential Diva also offers an inside look with comments on each one of these Stratusfy-ing appearances. She ranks her match against Lita on the Dec. 6, 2004 episode of RAW, the first time in history that the Divas were solely featured in the show’s main event, as her top match. She says of the bout, “What an amazing feeling for Lita and I to be given the trust and confidence to close out our flagship show in the main event of Monday Night Raw. Plus, a true testament to the hard work of the women’s division as a whole.”

* We can confirm that both Lita and Trish Stratus have been contacted to appear at the 1,000th WWE RAW event.

* Both Stephanie McMahon and Jim Ross will be in St. Louis, Missouri next Monday, the site of that day’s unprecedented 1000th RAW episode. The WWE Hall of Famer appeared Wednesday on KREF Sports Talk 1400 The Ref and confirmed he would be on the show. He added he has no idea what his role will be. McMahon, who participated in a Twitter chat Tuesday and hinted but did not confirm an appearance on Raw, will be in the area that day for a ‘be a STAR’ anti-bullying.at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater St. Louis’ Herbert Hoover location (2901 N. Grand Ave.). She will be joined World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, The Miz, Eve and American Idol finalist James Durbin.

* We can now exclusively confirm that The Undertaker will be appearing on Monday 1,000th RAW event. This will be the Phenom’s first appearance since WrestleMania. His role on the show will be unclear, but he will be live at the show in St. Louis.

* WWE‘s creative committee is rumored to be leaning towards CM Punk retaining the WWE Championship next Monday on RAW when John Cena is supposed to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. According to sources, there is a lot of talk within the organization that Cena will be the first person to not win a title directly after cashing in the briefcase. The feeling is that Cena is the one guy that can handle losing the cash in. They also could have The Big Show or The Rock cost Cena the match, which keeps Punk as champion and sidetracks Cena into another feud. There was also talk at RAW this week that there would be a major angle between John Cena and CM Punk next week where somehow Cena would keep his Money in the Bank briefcase. It’s almost guaranteed that this will change numerous times before RAW next week so take this with a grain of salt for now. Triple H recently directed that title reigns should be longer in order to build the importance of the belts. As you know by now, both CM Punk and Sheamus retained their titles at Money in the Bank. We noted that Cena’s Money in the Bank win was made within the last few weeks. At one point, he was going to be given the pay-per-view off.

* WWE has apparently put together a list of names they are expecting to appear on the show, but want to keep several names unadvertised. They have told these names to do “anything and everything” to keep the surprises secret including saying publicly that they will be somewhere else the night of the 1000th RAW.

* Tatanka, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, DDP, Steve Blackman, “Mean” Gene Okerlund, Vader, Doink the Clown, Bob Backlund and Sid Vicious have all also teased appearances, appeared recently, or been contacted by WWE about appearing. Expect a ton of former WWE talents to appear in addition to these names.

* Any talents who are under contract with TNA (Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Kurt Angle, etc.) will obviously NOT be appearing at the event.

* Ric Flair will likely not appear due to the ongoing TNA vs. WWE lawsuit. WWE isn’t going to risk taking any chances with TNA talents.

* The company didn’t promote Charlie Sheen as Social Media Ambassador, suggesting he will not be involved due to the fact that he quit Twitter.

* Goldberg shot down rumors that he will be at RAW next week for the 1,000th episode. When asked over Twitter by a fan, he posted: It’s not true!! RT @mrpops96: @Goldberg there are videos and rumours suggesting that you will be at Raw 1000 is it true?

* Kelly Kelly returns to WWE this week after being granted time off the road in late May. She tweeted Sunday, “On the road again. Can’t wait to see everyone at the #raw1000.” Kelly, who had been on the road on a weekly basis since joining WWE in 2006, was reportedly granted a break to spend time with her family and boyfriend. She last competed on television on the May 21 Raw SuperShow, losing to Beth Phoenix.

* The Ultimate Warrior recently addressed rumors that he would be appearing at the 1,000th RAW. On Twitter, a fan posted the following message to Warrior… hey did you hear everyone thinks you will be at ‪#RAW1000 Warrior responded with the following… I’ve never done what everyone else thinks. Never. Not once. As of last week, there were no plans to feature The Ultimate Warrior on the show. Of course, plans can change but he is not expected to appear as of this writing.

* Former WWE announcer Todd Grisham has stated that he will not be attending the 1,000th episode of RAW. The Coach will also not be at the 1,000th RAW event.

* During a Q&A session at Comic-Con last week, Dave Batista commented on a potential WWE return. Here is what he had to say… I’m not against going back. It’s just definitely not going to be this year.

* Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks have been tweeting all day about wanting to get a match on the 1,000th RAW event. The duo is asking fans to tweet about it. They have re-tweeted many responses from their followers as well.

* Stephanie McMahon, Jim Ross, Bret Hart, Rikishi, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman and Kelly Kelly have all stated that they are either in St. Louis or on their way to St. Louis for the 1,000th RAW.

* The latest on Wade Barrett’s WWE return is that he’ll be back following the SummerSlam pay-per-view. There was a rumor that he’d be appearing at the 1,000th RAW event but that doesn’t look to be happening now. Sources report that WWE creative already has a plan in place for him when he returns.

* Evan Bourne announced via Twitter that he won’t be on the 1,000th RAW tomorrow night, which is from his hometown in St. Louis. Bourne posted the following: Sorry friends! I won’t be in STL for the epic #raw1000 but when I DO work my way back on Raw, it will also be epic!

* Randy Orton will not be at the 1,000th RAW from his hometown of St. Lois due to his current Wellness Policy suspension. He’ll be able to return at the end of the month.

* Diamond Dallas Page is being promoted as a guest on the St. Louis’ FOX affiliate morning show tomorrow. That means he’s in St. Louis for RAW so expect him to appear live.

* Vader, who like DDP appeared in a segment on RAW in the past several weeks leading up to Monday, is currently in St. Louis and expected to appear at the 1,000th RAW event.

Sun has an interview up with Jerry Lawler who says that “there are almost 30 superstars from these past 1,000 episodes that are going to be coming back and joining us for the 1,000th show.”

* Road Warrior Animal has been telling his Twitter followers to petition WWE for him to appear at next week’s 1,000th RAW event. UPDATE: He is now confirmed for the event.

* Speaking of Road Warrior Animal, after competing at Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in San Diego, California, he stopped by the 100.3 KFAN-FM studios for Extreme Pro Wrestling Radio to discuss this coming Monday’s historic 1000th episode of RAW and confirmed his and other former WWE Superstars‘ involvement on the program. The WWE Hall of Famer may have spoiled the payoff of Heath Slater’s returning RAW legend angle while addressing rumors of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin‘s involvement with the program—who has not been announced to appear by WWE but is expected to be there. When asked whether The Rattlesnake will encounter Slater on the show, Animal responded, “Austin will definitely give him the stunner, ya know thats coming! Fans get ready, you’re gonna see a stunner!” Animal, who appeared on RAW in 1997 and 1998, also confirmed that he will be on hand for the festivities: “I will be making an appearance…people will see that my spikes from SmackDown were excellently repainted! Yeah, I’ll be there all painted up, with bells on boys! If it happens it happens, I’m ready!” On what else to expect for the unprecedented show, he said, “It’s gonna be star studded, on my flight alone is me, DDP and Bret “Hitman” Hart!”

* WWE Senior VP of Digital Operations Jason Hoch says that WWE‘s audience will have a say in character and storyline development. Hoch told ESPN.com in an interview that the RawActive social media initiative that starts Monday on RAW will allow the audience to “get a say in what happens next by deciding matches, stipulations, and character development. They can control if a general manager gets fired or who their favorite Superstar’s next opponent will be.”

* WWE Diva AJ Lee was a guest on Mark Madden’s radio show last week to promote tomorrow night’s 1,000th RAW event. The show airs on 105.9 “The X” in Pittsburgh, PA. AJ talked about her recent WWE push and “marriage” to Daniel Bryan on Monday’s RAW. She also talked about her ongoing angle with CM Punk, Kane and Daniel Bryan. She says she’s been a lifelong fan of the business and hints that she may be dating a current WWE superstar:

Source ewrestlingnews.com



Money in the Bank Predictions – #MITB

Including the preshow, MITB only has five announced matches. Two of them are the matches for the top belts, and the other two are for the contracts to a match for those two belts. I’m sure they will fill in a couple of other matches, like a Ryback squash match (maybe against Hawkins & Reks).

Preshow – WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Kofi Kingston and R-Truth (c) vs Hunico and Camacho

No question, no chance the titles change hands.

Winners – Kingston and R-Truth

MITB Match for a World Heavyweight Championship Contract

Dolph Ziggler vs Christian vs (not a Lord) Tensai vs Santino Marella vs Damien Sandow vs Tyson Kidd vs Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes

Lots of competitors in this match, but I can’t see Christian, Tensai, Santino, Sandow, Kidd or Sin Cara with much of any chance to win. That leaves Ziggler and Rhodes.

I’m going to go with DZ, because his character needs time to shine.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

MITB Match for a WWE Championship Contract

John Cena vs Big Show vs Chris Jericho vs Kane

Kane is out. Zero chance of winning. Nearly the same with Jericho. 1%. That leaves Show and Cena. I have a feeling that the winner of this match cashes in on Raw 1000, and maybe the winner of the other match as well. Because of that, I’m going to go with Cena, so that he can close Raw 1000 with the belt over his head.

Winner: John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship Match – Sheamus (c) vs Alberto Del Rio

Since the only two people I can see winning the WHC Contract MITB match are both heels, Sheamus will retain the title here.

Winner: Sheamus

WWE Championship Match – CM Punk (c) vs Daniel Bryan – Special Guest Referee AJ

I can’t see this ending clean. WWE wants to protect both Punk and Bryan, so it will be an AJ decision to decide it. I think they take the belt off of Punk here, so that Cena can take it from Bryan, leading back into a feud between Punk and Cena and possibly Bryan as well.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Over The Limit Predictions

WWE’s Over The Limit Pay Per View is now 7 hours away. Here are my match predictions for the event:

Preshow: Zack Ryder vs Kane – Kane. They refuse to push Zack Ryder, so I figure another loss by him here.

WWE Divas Championship – Layla (c) vs Beth Phoenix – Layla wins here. I also think a post-match destruction of her by Kharma may be in order.

WWE Tag Team Championship – Kofi Kingston & R-Truth (c) vs Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler – Creative through Ziggler and Swagger into this match because they don’t know what to do with them right now. Kofi and Truth retain.

World Heavyweight Championship – Sheamus (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton. Only two people have a shot at winning this match: Sheamus and Jericho. They may give Jericho a short run with a title before he leaves, but I think Sheamus retains here.

WWE Championship – CM Punk (c) vs Daniel Bryan – Everyone predicts a great match between these two, and hopefully they are correct. But I can’t see them taking the belt off of Punk. He retains.

John Cena vs John Laurinitis – This is the easiest match to call of the night. Laurinitis wins. After the ‘you’ll be fired’ stipulation, it becomes plain as day. They aren’t done with his character yet, and they haven’t set up anyone to take over should Laurinitis lose. He will win, after interference from The Big Show.

Breaking news Beth Phoenix not cleared to complete tonight

She will be replaced by Karma

Extreme Rules: Predictions

As I’m feeling absolutely terrible due to allergies, I won’t be going in depth on any of the matches. Just going to post my prediction for each match.

US Championship – Santino Marella (c) vs The Miz:
Winner: Santino

Divas Championship:
Nikki Bella (c) vs Beth Phoenix
I don’t think this match will happen. I think Phoenix will get substituted for with Kharma. If it DOES happen, Phoenix will win.

Winner: Phoenix/Kharma

Intercontinental Championship:
The Big Show (c) vs Cody Rhodes

Winner: The Big Show

Randy Orton vs Kane: Falls Count Anywhere Match

Winner: Randy Orton

WWE Championship (Chicago Street Fight):
CM Punk (c) vs Chris Jericho

Winner: Chris Jericho

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar
(Extreme Rules Match)

Winner: Brock Lesnar


4/2/12 Raw Preview

The Raw after Wrestlemania always has a ton of questions coming in.

Here are just a few for tonight:

  • What does The Rock say after his win in his last appearance for a while?
  • What does John Cena say after coming up short at Wrestlemania?
  • What does Teddy Long do without a show to run?
  • How does Chris Jericho react after losing the WWE championship match, and presumably, the title of best in the world to CM Punk?
  • Will the WWE let the stupid Eve/Ryder angle go away and let The Long Island Iced Z actually have a decent storyline?
  • Will Daniel Bryan or Sheamus make an appearance, or will they save that for Smackdown?
  • What will HHH, Undertaker, and Shawn Michaels say about the Undertaker going to 20-0?
  • Will Batista and/or Brock Lesnar make an appearance?

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: The Rock vs John Cena

Call this match what you will.

Once in a Lifetime
The Wrestler vs The Movie Star
The Fruity Pebble vs The People’s Champion
Cenation vs Team Bring It

or anything else you want to say. There is one thing that it definitely is:

The Main Event: The Rock vs John Cena 

The match that has basically a 14 month feud since Rock’s return last February is finally here. It will definitely close the show. It will most likely bring the house down. It should end with a handshake in the center of the ring.

The feud has gone from red-hot to cold back to red hot. And quite frankly, Cena has had the advantage for most of it. Rock’s skills on the microphone have waned, and it seems that if he doesn’t have a script prepared, he doesn’t do well at all.

The Rock did have a great performance in his in-ring return at Survivor Series, when it seemed like Madison Square Garden was going to fall over and ruin its new 1/3 refurbishment from the fans going crazy.

As with Rock vs Hogan ten years ago at this very event, this is two eras colliding. And there is only one way for it to end. With a Cena victory. It doesn’t make any sense for the WWE to have The Rock win the match. It would only serve to help The Rock. A victory by Cena will help legitimize him to fans, even if they think it is ‘Super Cena’ striking again. I see it differently.

I think tonight’s main event will show everyone that Cena can really go in the ring. He has had very good to great to classic matches before, but people seem to not notice. He can wrestle. Yes, he does ‘five moves of doom’ every week on Raw. But so do all the main eventers. Thats because they don’t have time to do anything else. The 35 or so minutes this match will go will allow Cena to show his ability. And with this match on the biggest stage of them all, against one of the top three superstars of all time (Hogan, Austin) fans will notice. Will it win everyone over? No, of course not. And people will be pissed when he wins. But it will win some fans over. And thats what WWE is counting on.

Winner: John Cena

#WrestleMania 28 Prediction Sheet

Feel Free to use at you WrestleMania parties

WWE Wrestlemania 28 2012 prediction sheet

Breaking News: Brock Lesnar Reportedly Signs with #WWE and may play some part in #Wrestlemania tonight!

brock lesnor signs with wwe

According to Wrestling Observer, Brock Lesnar has signed a one year deal with WWE after leaving for UFC in 2004. He has signed a 1 year contract. He also may have some part in Wrestlemania tonight..

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Undertaker vs HHH – Hell in a Cell

Its finally WrestleMania day. And I’m down to my predictions on the two biggest matches.

Hell in a Cell: Undertaker vs HHH

To me, this match is extremely easy to call. But the build and the storyline require I give it a little time.

This started last year, with the 2-21-12 promos. Undertaker came back, fans went wild. He came out into the ring … and out walks HHH. He challenges to a WrestleMania match, seemingly for no good reason.

They have an epic match, as much as Undertaker could handle with all his injuries then, and Undertaker wins, before being carted out of the arena. That is the focus of the feud for this year – that he had to be carted out.

HHH said that he didn’t want the rematch because he knew he would have to ‘end’ the Undertaker to win. But Undertaker simply called HHH a coward and he accepted – as long as it was Hell in a Cell. Lot of convincing, there.

Shawn Michaels was then added by the ‘board’ as special guest referee, which adds another level of intrigue to the match. With UT telling HHH that ‘Shawn is better’, it sets the stage for HHH attacking Shawn during the match.

I don’t think there is any way Undertaker loses. By all reports, he is in better condition this year than last, and his injuries and surgeries have healed well. Having him lose the streak to an older wrestler like HHH makes no sense whatsoever, and does not further anyone or anything except for HHH’s ego. Which, as we know, is a considerable thing in itself.

There is no indication that this is Undertaker’s last match. Despite them calling this ‘the end of an era’, it will not be that.

I see Michaels costing HHH the match somehow. Either purposely or accidentally, and HHH taking it out on Shawn tomorrow night on Raw. This will set up one of next years main events – Shawn Michaels vs HHH at WrestleMania 29.

Winner and 20-0: Undertaker

#WrestleMania 28 Tonight: Story Recap

#WrestleMania Stage – First look

Wrestlemania dark match announced – triple threat tag team championship match

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Kelly Kelly & Maria Menuonos vs Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Randy Orton vs Kane

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes vs The Big Show

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Team Teddy vs Team Johnny

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: @CMPunk vs @IAmJericho

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Undetaker vs HHH – Hell in a Cell (Posting at 11am)

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: The Rock vs John Cena (Posting at 4pm)

Day Before #WrestleMania – Rumors

When worlds collide Mike Tyson meets the Iron Shiek

Mike Tyson at the annual #WrestleMania Pro Am Golf

Mike Tyson is part of WWE Divas Eve and Layla’s flash mob at @WrestleMania#Axxess!

John Cena reveals the origin of “You Can’t See Me”

Who is #WWE Superstar John Cena?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is ready for #WrestleMania 28

Report: #WWE rehires Fit Finlay

CM Punk Answers Twitter Questions on Video

Sheamus talks #WrestleMania, motivation, WWE ’12

@WWE#AXXESS Our very lucky on the scene reporter at WWE AXXESS

#WrestleMania Predictions: @CMPunk vs @IAmJericho

WWE Championship Match: CM Punk vs Chris Jericho

This is the match a lot of wrestling fans are really waiting for. Ever since Jericho starting attacking Punk on Twitter months before the vignettes for his return even started, people started dreaming about a CM Punk vs Chris Jericho feud. I feel a lot of potential has been lost, since it is only the 3rd most important match on the card to the WWE right now, but that doesn’t mean this has to end at WrestleMania. Since the Rock/Cena and HHH/UT matches won’t have a return match at Extreme Rules, this match definitely will. That means a non-clean ending one way or another.

Jericho has said his whole reason for coming back was to take on Punk. This is great for this storyline, but it limits what else Jericho can do. He is expect to be gone by the summer, due to a tour with Fozzy. But would he really come back for such a short stint and not claim ‘his’ WWE title during the process?

The feud has picked up in recent weeks with Jericho attacking Punk’s family – and with Punk’s great acting. Maybe he should get a WWE movie role, after all. And with Punk ‘snapping’ and injuring Christian on Raw, the WWE tried to show Jericho was having an effect on Punk.

I expect a great match here. Punk vs Jericho, two of the best wrestlers in the world – and not only as a catchphrase – on the biggest stage of them all. They will get plenty of time to show off what they can do. They will be able to work the crowd, take time in the match, and properly tell a story in the ring. I expect nothing short of a five star performance from both men.

But when its all said and done, what will happen?

Jericho will win, that is what is going to happen. I’m thinking old school foot on the ropes while Jericho pins Punk.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Chris Jericho

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Team Teddy vs Team Johnny

Team Teddy (Santino, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Zack Ryder, The Great Khali & Booker T)
Team Johnny (David Otunga, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry & Drew McIntyre)

From the introduction of John Laurinitis to the every day WWE viewer way back at Money in the Bank when he took a bump that Vince McMahon would have taken himself years ago, his character has brought massive heat. His deep voice, the way he talks, fans just hate it. He has grown as a character, yes, and is a lot more sure of himself on the microphone now, but is still painful to watch sometimes. The ‘Elimination Pay Per View’ and announcing The Miz as joining Team Teddy before quickly correcting himself are two of the most glaring. I mean, how do you forget your own name?

Teddy Long, on the other hand, has been running Smackdown, with a short ECW stint in the middle, since 2004. His character is tired, stale, and quite frankly, boring. So much so that there is this flow chart of his decisions:

This match has a possibility of being anywhere on the map. With 12 men in the ring, and only one fall to a finish, it could be very short, or go pretty long. Couple of things that we will see for sure:

  1. Ziggler will be given time to show off
  2. Everyone will get their finishers off in a back to back series as we’ve seen in multi man tags a lot lately
  3. It will devolve into an all out brawl at least once.

The possibilities for a heel GM are just a lot higher than a face GM. People want to see the face win over long (no pun intended) odds and strike back against the GM. Plus, we are all tired of tag team matches. Not that the booking will change with a different Smackdown GM, but the storylines will.

I think the move to one GM is part of a long term WWE plan to finally reunite the brands. They are just taking their time and doing it one slow step at a time. The first was reintegrating the rosters completely with the ‘RAW SuperShows’. This is the next. Next month will be what I figure the final ‘Draft’. Will it lead to less titles? Possibly. I could see the US title going away, but leaving both the WHC and WWE titles.

As for the outcome, I see two possible finishes. One is Zack Ryder taking the victory over someone, to give him a WrestleMania moment as a reward for all his work over the past year. The other is some sort of shenanigans that cause Team Teddy to lose. I know it won’t be a clean Laurinitis win, but it will be a win for them, I believe. I don’t know if it will be a heel turn by someone on Team Teddy, or outside interference, or just a referee outright missing something. But it will be a Team Johnny win.

Winner: Team Johnny

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

The next on the list of my WrestleMania predictions:

World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

Daniel Bryan was planned to hold the Money in the Bank Briefcase all the way through to WrestleMania, when he would finally cash it in on a heel. Probably Mark Henry, who, at this point, would be at the end of his push as the most dominant heel in quite a long time. However, Henry’s injuries changed that plan. The WWE had Bryan cash in at TLC, and take the title from Big Show, who had just defeated the legitimately injured Henry.

Since then, they’ve turned Bryan from the somewhat boring face character that he was to a tweener, and finally all the way heel. His current character is much like his indie character, where he was still loved by wrestling fans, but was a heel in the ring, including the famous ‘I have til 5!’ yells he would do when the ref wanted him to break a hold. The irritating ‘YES! YES! YES!’ yelling gets him major heat, and I feel is absolutely hysterical.

Sheamus has also been slowly built to the moon. His Royal Rumble win, and huge win streak have him coming in huge to this match.

There are two ways this match could go.

1. Bryan wins cheaply, by outside interference by AJ or someone else, and retains the title.
2. Sheamus wins, but not cleanly.

Either way, the feud will continue at least til Extreme Rules. This is their first match over the title, it won’t be the only one.

That said, here is what I see happening.

Bryan gets the advantage by hook or by crook, and looks close to a victory. AJ gets involved, either purposely or accidentally distracting the ref from counting the fall. This allows Sheamus to hit Bryan with one of his finishers and win the match.

Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes vs The Big Show

In the first title match that I’ll be predicting for WrestleMania, I’m going to tell you who will be the Intercontinental Champion coming out of The Show of Shows.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Cody Rhodes vs The Big Show

This match had a strange build. Going back months, we’ve heard rumors of Shaquille O’Neal being The Big Show’s WrestleMania opponent. At one point, Shaq even tweeted as much. But for whatever reason, that match is not happening. Instead, we got a feud that has focused on Big Show’s WrestleMania losses.

Show has been a great company man for a long time. His losses and appearances against celebrities cant be called anything else, in reality, except for him being a company man. And his loss record isn’t as high at WrestleMania as Shawn Michaels’, but you don’t see the WWE bringing that up.

Shows part of this feud has been him showing his anger and Cody running away from him.

Rhodes has held the belt for quite a while, and done a pretty good job as Champion. I believe the WWE is going to give him a push towards the World Heavyweight Championship, and that means losing the IC title. Which I think he will do, at WrestleMania, to The Big Show. Show will only be an intermediate IC Champ before passing it along to someone else.

Winner and New Intercontinental Champion: The Big Show

#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Randy Orton vs Kane

The second match prediction I’m going to make is another one that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Randy Orton vs Kane

I can only hope that there was a larger plan with these two for WrestleMania, and it fell through. This feud has seemed forced, and they just stuck them together to get them on the card.

Orton has been getting the upper hand in the feud a lot. Neither man really needs a push, since they are always upper card guys. That makes it difficult to pick the winner.

Smackdown is very heel heavy, and with multiple heels waiting in the wings to return from injuries (or ‘re-injuries’, like Christian), it doesn’t bode well for Kane.

However – Sheamus is the #1 Face on Smackdown now. Win or lose in his match (that prediction is coming later) he will still be hanging around the title scene for a while. That doesn’t bode well for Orton – if he wins, where does he go from there?

Here’s what I see – a Kane victory, one way or another. Immediately after the match, Orton RKOs him to give him a ‘WrestleMania Moment’ for the year. On the upcoming ‘Draft’, Kane will be sent to Raw as a ‘monster heel’.

Winner: Kane


#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Kelly Kelly & Maria Menuonos vs Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres

We’re starting off our WrestleMania Predictions with the match that is cared about the least by the WWE fans.

This year, however, the ‘celebrity’ match is one I can see the celebrity actually losing. Do I think that it is going to happen? No. But I see it as a possibility.

Here’s what I see – a short match, but longer than typical divas matches. Give it 6-8 minutes. Finally Maria takes a pinfall victory over Beth.

After the match, Beth lays out both Maria and Kelly Kelly. She Glam-Slams both of them at least once, and sets one of them up for another – when Kharma’s music hits. And out comes Kharma to clear the ring and start her feud with Beth for the Divas Championship.

Winners: Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos