SD social media score up 75 percent

Friday’s WWE Smackdown scored 85,228 in social media activity, up 75 percent from last week’s show, but down 11 percent from the 2012 high point two weeks ago. Overall, the show was the fifth-most socially active Smackdown episode of the year. On cable TV Friday night, Smackdown ranked #6 behind NBC Universal’s Olympics coverage and “SpongeBob SquarePants” on Nickelodeon.

Sheamus “medical update” following SD

WWE’s “medical update” on World Hvt. champion Sheamus following Alberto Del Rio’s attack on the live Smackdown is that Sheamus was “treated for head contusions and lacerations to the head.” WWE played up the injury angle as potentially affecting Sheamus’s competitiveness in his World Title defense against Del Rio at the Money in the Bank PPV next Sunday.


WWE cancels next weeks Smackdown taping for Colorado Springs

STAMFORD, Conn. – Due to the Waldo Canyon fire, WWE (NYSE: WWE) SmackDown on Tuesday, July 10 at World Arena in Colorado Springs has been cancelled. Refunds for tickets purchased for this event are available at point of purchase.
To offer support to those families affected by the wildfires, WWE will be donating $10,000 to the American Red Cross, which is assisting in local relief efforts. Additional donations can be made by calling 303-722-7474 or by visiting
On Monday, July 9, the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO will host both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown. Tickets can be purchased at the Pepsi Center box office or at

Del Rio removed from World Heavyweight Championship Match at No Way Out

From the WWE text message service, Alberto Del Rio has been pulled from the World Heavyweight Championship match vs Sheamus at No Way Out.

This is due to a real concussion he sustained in his encounter with Sheamus last week on Smackdown.

The text went on to say that the replacement and new #1 contender will be announced tonight.


Major News: Randy Orton Suspended 60 Days

Randy Orton has been suspended 60 days for his second violation of the WWE talent wellness policy.

The official WWE statement reads:

“In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE has suspended Randy Orton for 60 days effective today (May 30) for his second violation of the company’s policy,”

At the very earliest, this would have him eligible to return on 7/28.

#Smackdown Dark Match result

Bo Rotundo from WWE Developmental beat NXT “Rookie” Derrick Bateman in the Dark Match at Tuesday’s Smackdown TV taping in Roanoke, Va.

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** SPOILERS ** #WWE #SmackDown Results For Tonight

Thanks to Emilio for tonight’s WWE SmackDown spoilers from Tuesday’s tapings in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

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Video: Backstage Fallout – Smackdown 4/20

Daniel Bryan Interview from GQ


This year’s Wrestlemania started with a bang that felt like a whimper. For the past few months, Daniel Bryan had held the World Heavyweight Championship in true asshole bad-guy fashion, beating larger guys through luck and chicanery and celebrating his own awesomeness loudly and awesomely. But in the opening match of the WWE’s biggest show, hulking Irishman Sheamus defeated Bryan and took his belt in all of 16 seconds, kicking Bryan’s face off after he had his back turned.

But on the following night’s edition of Monday Night Raw, though, something magical happened. The crowd, mostly die-hard wrestling fans who’d stuck around Miami for another night after Wrestlemania, cheered for Bryan the entire time, despite Bryan himself never appearing in the ring. Throughout the show, they roared Bryan’s signature chant (“Yes! Yes! Yes!”) no matter what was happening. Those chants have continued at WWE shows, and there have been reports of them appearing at completely unrelated sporting events. Given that Bryan is, in storyline terms, a bad guy, as well as someone who the WWE never took all that seriously, this is the wrestling-fan equivalent of civil disobedience.

Bryan’s got that fan sympathy for a lot of reasons. For one thing, he spent more than a decade wrestling on the independent circuit before making it to the WWE, perfecting his craft to the point where he was, by general dork consensus, the single best pro wrestler in that world. His style, marked by brutal head-kicks and intricate MMA-derived submission holds, is built around doing stuff to his opponents that looks like it hurts real bad, and he’s arguably better than anyone else at bringing that pain. For another, he doesn’t exactly fit the standard pro wrestler image. He’s a scraggly-bearded vegan indie rock fan, and though he’s certainly diesel, he’s nowhere near the absurdly muscular body type we most associate with WWE types. He carries himself like your friend’s half-awkward stoner little brother, and that means he’s an easy man to like.

We spoke with Bryan about his new crowd favorite status, his history with the WWE, and the general difficulties that come with being a vegan professional wrestler.

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Sheamus – From security to World Champion – Interview

Ten years ago he worked security for Bono. Now he’s a world champion and makes millions. By Ed Power

A fluent Irish speaker, former choir-boy and one-time bodyguard to Bono, Stephen Farrelly doesn’t quite fit the stereotype of the major-league wrestling star. But that’s what the Cabra native has become, having won the World Wrestling Entertainment world championship in Florida a fortnight ago.

Fighting under the stage name Sheamus O’Shaunessy, the victory confirms Farrelly’s standing as one of the biggest names in the hokey, but extremely lucrative, universe of WWE wrestling. With his distinctive red shock of hair and pasty complexion, such is the popularity of WWE he sometimes has difficulty venturing out in public without being mobbed by fans.

It’s a long way from the northside of Dublin and his previous life as an IT worker and security guard.

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