‘I Have Risen’ – text from WWE’s text message service

The Undertaker will return on tonight’s ‘Old School’ Raw.

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CM Punk retains WWE Championship at #HellinaCell after screw job from referee Brad Maddox

Eve retains Divas championship at #HellinaCell

Big Show defeats Sheamus to win the World Heavyweight Championship at #HellinaCell

Team Car Stereo defeat The PrimeTime Players at #HellinaCell

Antonio Cesaro retains US Championship by pinfall over Justin Gabriel #HellinaCell

Kofi Kingston defeats The Miz to retain IC Title at #HellinaCell

Rhodes Scholars defeat Hell No by DQ. Hell No retains Tag Team Championships #HellinaCell

Randy Orton defeats Alberto Del Rio at #HellinaCell

Orton defeats Del Rio after an RKO

Cena beats Punk to become #WWE champion at #nightofchampions

Sheamus beats Del Rio at #nightofchampions

Eve defeats Layla to become the new Divas champion at #nightofchampions

Orton defeats Ziggler at #nightofchampion

Ceasaro retains at #nightofchampions

Kane and Bryant are new #wwe champions at #nightofchampions

Miz wins at #nightofchampions

Zach Ryder wins preshow battle royal

Brock Lesnar beats HHH at the main event for #Summerslam

R Truth and Kofi Kingston defeats PTP at #summerslam

Miz beats Mystero at #summerslam

CM Punk turns heel to close #Raw1000

With John Cena being destroyed by Big Show after their math, CM Punk did not try to stop him. This lead to The Rock running to the ring to stop Show. As Rock went for the people’s elbow, Punk got back in the ring and laid Rock out with a clothesline, which was followed up by a GTS. The show closed with Punk walking up the ramp getting resounding boos while Cena and Rock laid in the ring and Show on the floor.

Cena cashes in MITB, wins match by DQ

John Cena and CM Punks WWE Championship match ended when Big Show interfered while Punk was trapped in the STF. No word on if the DQ will give Cena the briefcase back.

Undertaker returns

The Umdertaker returned to help Kane fight off 6 superstars tonight on the 1000th episode of Raw. Michael Cole played it up like UT will be sticking around for more than a one off appearance.

The Rock takes on the WWE Champion at Royal Rumble

The Rock announced tonight that he will take on whoever the WWE Champion is at Royal Rumble. So far, they’ve teased both CM Punk and John Cena as opponents.

New RAW GM announced

AJ will be the permanent Raw GM starting next week, as announced by Mr McMahon. No word on the Smackdown GM yet.

Fun watching Jack Swaggers career go down the tubes #raw1000

Cena wins the second #MITB

CM Punk beat Daniel Bryant at #MITB

Sheamus beats Del Rio at #MITB

Ziggler wins #MITB

Lanny Poffo on the life and death of Randy Savage

Blast from the past Ric Flair Promo NWA 5/20/81

Trashy Photos of John Cena’s Wife Elizabeth

Big Johnny beats John Cena at #overthelimit

Ryback defeats camacho at #overthelimit

CM Punk defeats Daniel Bryant at #Overthelimit

#Christian wins the IC belt at #overthelimit

R Truth and Kofi Kingston retain at #Overthelimit

Christian wins Over The Limit battle Royal:-)

Pic – Rockers reunion Saturday

Audio – Steiner rants on #TNA & Hogan

Santino defeats The Miz at the xtreme rules ppv preshow

ROH lineup for Dayton this Sunday

ROH returns to Dayton, Ohio on April 29 at the Hara Arena with an early start time of 5:00 p.m. There will be a meet & greet before the show with ROH World Champion Davey Richards, ROH TV champion Roderick Strong, and ROH tag champions Jay & Mark Briscoe. Pictures will be available to purchase for the meet and greet.

Here is the announced lineup from ROH: ROH World Champion Davey Richards vs. Adam Cole, ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin), ROH TV Champion Roderick Strong (w/Truth Martini) vs. Jay Lethal in a 2 out of 3 Falls match, El Generico vs Kyle O’Reilly, Kevin Steen vs. B.J. Whitmer, Mike Mondo vs. T.J. Perkins, and All Night Express (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) vs. “Psychedelic Superstar” Chris Silvio and Mohammad Ali Vaez!

WWE part-timers advertised for upcoming tours

WWE Smackdown announcer/part-time wrestler Booker T is currently advertised for the Raw brand’s next international tour of Brazil in mid-May following the Over the Limit PPV. WWE part-timer Mick Foley is advertised for a simultaneous Smackdown brand tour of Mexico.

Photo of Brock Lesnars New Ring Gear

Brock Lesnar returns to #raw and F5′s John Cena

Tonight at the end of Raw as John Cena was calling on the Rock to come out he got a suprise when Brock Lenar came down to the ring and F5′d him. brock lenar f5's John Cena

Miz defeats Zack Ryder

Rock defeats John Cena at #wrestlemania

CM Punk defeats Chris Jericho at #wrestlemania

Primo and Epico win dark match at #wrestlemania

#Wrestlemania !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How does John Cena rise above hate every day?

#Wrestlemania All #Axxess 2012 Q&A With Mark Henry

Previewing the #WrestleMania matches in actual in ring action

Out of the 8 matches for WrestleMania, we have a good selection that can be very good, and a couple that can be very bad.

Kurt Angle said on Twitter that HHH vs Undertake in Hell in a Cell will steal the show. I don’t agree. I think that match will only be 3rd or 4th best.

Without further ado – here is my prediction on the best in ring action.

  1. Jericho vs Punk
  2. Sheamus vs Bryan
  3. Cena vs Rock
  4. HHH vs Undertaker
  5. Team Teddy vs Team Johnny
  6. Rhodes vs Big Show
  7. Orton vs Kane
  8. Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs Eve and Beth Phoenix

To me, the last one is obvious. The top four matches have the ability to make this a legendary wrestling event. If the 4th best match of the night is Triple H and the Undertaker in Hell in a Cell with Shawn Michaels as special guest referee, that will be one amazing night of sports entertainment to watch.


Ultimate Warrior in Ring Appearance from 3/23/12 In Poughkeepsie NY