Could Daniel Bryan take on Brock Lesnar?

Former WWE World Hvt. champion Daniel Bryan says he would like to face Brock Lesnar during Lesnar’s WWE run. Bryan told Brian Fritz of that it likely won’t happen, but he’s petitioning for the match. “I feel like me and him could have a match unlike any other pro wrestling match in North America probably ever,” Bryan said about the hypothetical match.

Asked if he would shy away from the physicality Lesnar would bring to a match, Bryan said, “No, not at all. And, actually I like that sort of thing. My skills, especially as a grappler, lend itself to that kind of thing. When he’s ground and pounding, like doing the kind of stuff he was doing with (John) Cena, there’s not a lot of guys who have any counters for that. Well, I have a million. There would be a lot of things that would be really fun about a match like that. I think people would be excited to see it, too.”

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