Did Brock destroy the locker room after Extreme Rules?

Brock Lesnar’s match with John Cena at Sunday’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view got rave reviews from most fans who saw the show, but Lesnar went ballistic backstage after the match and was screaming at WWE officials and ripping apart the locker room.

According to PWinsider.com, the huge blow-up took place because of the promo John Cena cut after the match.

The original plan was for Cena to be so badly hurt by Lesnar that even though he won, he would be stretchered out, which would keep Lesnar looking strong.

Lesnar perceived Cena’s speech as a double cross by WWE officials and totally lost it backstage.

The angle on RAW with Lesnar and Triple H and Lesnar’s temporary departure from WWE television was the plan all along, but relations between Lesnar and WWE are not good at the moment.