Does @shawnmichaels add to or take away from HHH-UT at #WrestleMania?

The Heartbreak Kid. The Showstopper. Mr. WrestleMania. Among countless other nicknames, those are the best known for Shawn Michaels.

With him serving as guest referee in the HHH vs Undertaker Hell in a Cell Match at WrestleMania 28, its hard to imagine him not being involved very heavily in what happens in the match.

Despite the bluster, Michaels has the most losses in the history of WrestleMania, with 11 – against 6 wins. That fact is something you never see bandied about by WWE, even as they push The Big Show’s WrestleMania ‘struggles’. Two of those losses came against the Undertaker, and HHH also has those two losses against the Deadman.

Could these two former DX members band together and make sure HHH doesn’t go 0-3? No.

Even if they do act as a team, WWE is smart enough to not end the streak like that. Michaels may get involved on HHH’s behalf, or attack both men, but if UT is going to lose at WrestleMania, it has to be clean. Throwing ‘The Streak’ away with a muddled finish would be wasting everything its been built up to be to this point, probably the most important record in the WWE. And to have it go to HHH, a part time wrestler at best, doesn’t make sense.

Why put HHH over UT? It doesn’t help build anyone up for the future. And if ‘The Streak’ is going to end before the Undertaker retires for good (which there has been no talk of him doing after this WrestleMania), then it should end to someone it can help. HHH isn’t going to be a full time wrestler anymore. He probably will never hold another title for any length of time. A win in this match means nothing as far as his character’s stature is concerned.

If anyone in the current WWE was going to take ‘The Streak’, it has to be someone young, big, and able to get over with the fans. There is only one person that comes to mind that can fill that spot right now, and he has a year to get himself up to where he could possibly be that good.  He would need a gimmick change, and some time fighting upper-card opponents, but neither of those should be a problem.

That man is the Funkasaurus, Brodus Clay.