Eric Bischoff Slams UFC Ratings, Praises TNA

Following the Ultimate Fighter scoring its lowest rating ever for the series, Eric Bischoff took to Facebook to gloat about their struggles and the success of TNA Wrestling. He wrote the following…   “Think we came close to hitting these numbers with a couple episodes of ReAction at 11pm on Spike. Tons of promotion on Fox and FX, a budget 3x bigger than Impact and 500,000 less viewers? Impact has a larger audience than ever, and is going to have a great season with new elements following Lockdown. Can’t wait!”   He then responded to a fan on Twitter, who stated that Bischoff shouldn’t mock the UFC due to the fact that he only had “one good idea,” the nWo. Here is what Bischoff wrote…   “Not knocking friend. Love the show. It is what it is and says more about Impact than anything. Get a grip mark. And by the way, our prod. company has produced 9 different series on 8 diff. networks since we have been at TNA. One good idea?”