ESPN’s Gus Ramsey tweets that WM28 sold 1.9 million buys

Here is the second tweet – the first he said he ‘accidentally’ deleted

accidentally deleted my earlier tweet. Rock and Brock each sign 1 year deals. WM28 did 1.9M buys. WWE was targeting 1.5M

He followed that up with:

haven’t seen anything in writing. so maybe the # is wrong, or I misheard it, but pretty sure that was the # + WWE very happy

Rock is not scheduled to be around any time soon. Brock’s deal is supposedly one year for at least 30-35 appearances. So we will see how correct Ramsey is on both of these statements. He later said

I trust who I heard it from, but again no confirmation.

He admits he doesn’t have a WWE source, just one in general from working at ESPN. More as it develops.