Hulk Hogan Rants On Solving TNA’s Problems

Hulk Hogan, the storyline “General Manager” of TNA, went on his Twitter to talk about what would TNA’s product.

A fan asked him about iMPACT! Wrestling going live, and he said it “would solve 75% of the issues, but they need money to do it. He also says he has “been beating that drum for the last 2yrs.”

He said: “Getting my head really wrapped around the fan business requests and how to transition Impact Wrestling beyond the Mania, Attitude era, nWo era. Not just grow in a black beard or just switch a title or just verbally say were changing, I’m talking about really changing [the] foundation to put wrestling in a whole new era. I know I came up with the idea, I’m gonna really flush it out before I drop the bomb on you Maniacs.”

Speaking of Hulk Hogan, he is scheduled for an autograph signing this Wednesday from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at The Forked River House in Forked River, New Jersey.