Hulk Hogan: ‘WWE Is Worried About My TNA Role’

Hulk Hogan spoke with the New York Post about Vince McMahon and WWE being concerned about where he’s at in TNA, the TNA brand vs. WWE and more. Check out the highlights:
On the TNA brand vs. the WWE brand: “The only way I could explain it to you (building up TNA‘s brand) is if I talked about John Cena. WWE has taken about ten years to build up John Cena to that Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock-type level. TNA is the same way, we’ve only been around for 10 years. It’s a very young company and to even say that it is competitive and that WWE has a little less of a presence, that’s a major statement.”
On working with Spike TV: “Spike understands the business. They know what to expect and are well aware as to how the business works. They’re supportive and are believing in us more and more every day and as we keep rolling forward you’ll see more support. They’re team players and it will help both of us to be open and take that leap of faith.”
On quick fixes: “If you wanted a quick fix, right now, you would put the belt on Jeff Hardy. That would fix a bunch of stuff right now, but that is not working backwards from where we need to be. Right now, to work to that point, the belt needs to stay with Bobby Roode. He’s a guy who we are bringing up and is a constant. As we build him up it’s like a volcano that ready to explode.”
On WWE is worried about his role in TNA: “I remember the last time this build-up happened. Vince McMahon had Shawn Michaels dress up as Hulk Hogan with a walker and say ‘You’re getting old brother.’ Then we came with the NWO idea and I feel the same thing now. (WWE) is banging me on TV again, having The Three Stooges dressing up as me, showing footage of Brock Lesnar beating me last week. They’re worried about something.”