Jordan Burroughs goes to the Gold Medal Match

Jordan Burroughs, who is without a doubt one of the people that Mark Henry and others from the WWE are scouting at the Olympics, is in the finals of his weight class after winning his first 3 bouts today.

He competes in Freestyle Wrestling, in the 74kg weight class. If he wins the Gold, which he is the favorite to do, he would not only receive $250,000 from the ‘Living the Dream Medal Fund’, he would get major consideration at at least a tryout with the WWE. With Punk, Bryan, and Jericho all claiming their pure wrestling prowess, bringing in an Olympic champion wrestler would add an interesting twist. And with Burroughs standing only 5’8″, that puts him, size-wise, on the same sort of scale as those superstars.

You can follow Burroughs on Twitter: @alliseeisgold