Major Backstage Update On Edge’s WWE Contract


In an update from yesterday’s post about Edge’s WWE contract expiring soon, his contract actually expires at the end of the month and not on May 1st. WWE sources report that the company is still in negotiations with Edge and is not happy that it was publicly reported that he’s close to leaving.

One source says that the main issue is financial and that WWE likely underestimated the amount that Edge would re-sign for. The company is trying to sign him to a full-fledged deal as opposed to a Legends deal. The difference between the two is that a full-fledged deal would require Edge to go through WWE offices for any outside deals, similar to the deals that Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley have, while a Legends deal is simply allowing WWE to use their name and likeness. The deal being discussed would put Edge back under WWE control like any other talent.

As a side note, Edge’s deal to appear on Haven was booked outside of WWE and would not be affected if he didn’t re-sign.