Major Backstage Update: Paul Heyman’s WWE Future

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Here is the latest on Paul Heyman and WWE:

* He will be appearing semi-regularly through at least SummerSlam.

* The idea is to have a reenactment of the actual legal battle the two sides (Lesnar and WWE) had years ago. This would see Lesnar sue for breach of contract, which would include all sorts of viral campaigns to get the storyline over to the masses as a legitimate issue.

* The deal came together over the last week, as the original plan for Lesnar in the company did NOT include Heyman. He is not expected on the road full-time for the company and is only expected to be involved in the Lesnar angle and not in WWE creative.

* One reason Heyman returned was to work with Lesnar, but also to potentially work with CM Punk down the line. The two have shown a lot of mutual respect for one another over the years, but have never got the chance to work together on camera. Punk knew Heyman was coming to RAW as he teased all day about knowing something and there being a surprise on the show. He even tweeted a photo of Heyman backstage about three minutes before he came to the ring.

* As previously reported, the word is that Lesnar will be facing Triple H at SummerSlam. Heyman will be on TV to speak for Lesnar as a way to play up the angle that Lesnar “quit.” This will also allow them to do angles with Lesnar without burning through too many of his contracted dates.

* The younger members of the company’s roster warmly greeted Heyman last night since so many of them know him from WWE developmental when they were there. The others only knew of Heyman through his reputation running ECW and working for WWE.