Money in the Bank Predictions – #MITB

Including the preshow, MITB only has five announced matches. Two of them are the matches for the top belts, and the other two are for the contracts to a match for those two belts. I’m sure they will fill in a couple of other matches, like a Ryback squash match (maybe against Hawkins & Reks).

Preshow – WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Kofi Kingston and R-Truth (c) vs Hunico and Camacho

No question, no chance the titles change hands.

Winners – Kingston and R-Truth

MITB Match for a World Heavyweight Championship Contract

Dolph Ziggler vs Christian vs (not a Lord) Tensai vs Santino Marella vs Damien Sandow vs Tyson Kidd vs Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes

Lots of competitors in this match, but I can’t see Christian, Tensai, Santino, Sandow, Kidd or Sin Cara with much of any chance to win. That leaves Ziggler and Rhodes.

I’m going to go with DZ, because his character needs time to shine.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

MITB Match for a WWE Championship Contract

John Cena vs Big Show vs Chris Jericho vs Kane

Kane is out. Zero chance of winning. Nearly the same with Jericho. 1%. That leaves Show and Cena. I have a feeling that the winner of this match cashes in on Raw 1000, and maybe the winner of the other match as well. Because of that, I’m going to go with Cena, so that he can close Raw 1000 with the belt over his head.

Winner: John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship Match – Sheamus (c) vs Alberto Del Rio

Since the only two people I can see winning the WHC Contract MITB match are both heels, Sheamus will retain the title here.

Winner: Sheamus

WWE Championship Match – CM Punk (c) vs Daniel Bryan – Special Guest Referee AJ

I can’t see this ending clean. WWE wants to protect both Punk and Bryan, so it will be an AJ decision to decide it. I think they take the belt off of Punk here, so that Cena can take it from Bryan, leading back into a feud between Punk and Cena and possibly Bryan as well.

Winner: Daniel Bryan