One Word Can Make a Difference in WWE

“Yes!” T-shirts

The night after WrestleMania 28, the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami was rocking with Daniel Bryan and “Yes” chants throughout Monday Night Raw and afterward. Photo By Jim Varsallone


What, Husk, Hi-Oh, Oh-Yeah, Woo-Woo-Woo, Do You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking.

If WWE fans take to a catch phrase — whether it’s a thought, a sound or just a one-word expression — it can elevate talent, financially and professionally. Sometimes it occurs by design and other times by chance. Either way, it gets WWE fans involved even more in the action.

WWE superstar Daniel Bryan is the latest example of creating something that the WWE Universe is starting to make universal. Yes?

WWE WrestleMania 28 attracted 78,363 fans from 50 states and 36 countries.

To open that WrestleMania pay-per-view at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Bryan dropped the world title in seconds to Sheamus. That quick negative for Bryan infuriated traditional wrestling fans on the Internet who respect his in-ring skills.

“I think [WWE] made the wrong decision to end the match so quickly ay WrestleMania,” England’s Squid Ehrich said.

The following night on Raw from the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, the WWE superstar’s calls of, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” and “Daniel Bryan” echoed through the arena by fans throughout the show and afterward in the lobby, leaving the arena.

“This [Yes] is more like a protest because of that, actually,” Ehrich said.

“Yes” is something Bryan says repeatedly while raising his hands in the air simultaneously with a No.1 salute.

“Everyone can say it,” Squid’s brother, Andrew, said after the Raw Super Show in Miami. “It’s an easy quick catch phrase to say, and it’s quite fun. It’s not too complicated. I don’t know why it’s caught on. It’s a surreal sort of thing.”

The bonus match (after Raw ended) saw those “Yes” chants amplify as Bryan teamed with Kane and Cody Rhodes to battle Sheamus, Randy Orton and the Big Show, who had fun with it.

Bryan, a heel, was on the bad guy team, but that didn’t matter. Fans wanted Bryan to wrestle and win.

England’s Gavin Maby said: “I’d never seen anything quite like that,”

Penny Gregory, also from England, added: “It helps that he’s a good wrestler.”

For them, it was their first WrestleMania Week, and they did everything.

Was it worth it?

They agreed, “Absolutely.”

When Bryan was pinned by Sheamus in a six-man tag for the live crowd after Raw, fans booed.

Orton and Sheamus walked around ringside, shaking hands with fans.

Instead of returning to the dressing room, Bryan remained with A.J., until the other superstars left ringside.

Bryan then entered the ring, grabbed a mic and thanked the fans for the tremendous support which gives WWE reason to make a new Daniel Bryan T-shirt. Yes?

(WWE is now selling the “Yes” T-shirt. Go to

Bryan said WrestleMania XXVIII was a lowlight of his WWE tenure, but Raw with that outstanding fan response was a major highlight. He also cut a quick promo on A.J. to the delight of the audience.

John Cena even started a ‘Yes’ chant during his promo on Raw.

• South Carolina’s Paige Binninger, wearing her John Cena T-shirt, is a huge John Cena fan. Nonetheless, she was not happy with the end of WrestleMania or Raw, for obvious reasons.

“I am very upset because Brock should have waited until Rock came out there, and then I would have been fine with Brock doing his F-5 on both of them,” she said outside the AmericanAirlines Arena, “but now I’m even more upset that he just did it to John Cena. That really was not fair.”

Her mom, Roz, chuckled.

Paige continued: “I am beyond mad right now. I will never get over this.

“Cena would have won [at Mania] if Rock hadn’t been gone for seven years. You would have to do way more damage to win over Cena than what Rock did.

“I am a fan of Rock. Don’t get my wrong. I love Rock, but I’m way more on John Cena.”

Roz said of those who boo Cena: “They are Cena haters. They are jealous of him. He is strong. He is handsome.”

A driver then honked his horn, and those in the car started dissing Cena and cheering Daniel Bryan.

Roz and Paige shouted: “We love Cena! We love Cena! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

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