RVDs 2006 arrest most similar to Swaggers

Rob Van Dam was arrested in August 2006 with 18 grams of weed and another substance in his car. His passenger, Sabu, received a $1000 fine from WWE. RVD was written off TV the following Monday and suspended for 60 days without pay. At the time, RVD was the dual ECW and WWE champion. Needless to say, he was no longer champion when he was suspended.

All things considered, this is a very similar situation to Swagger. Biggest push he’s ever had, and was arrested after a traffic stop due to possession of a controlled substance. The DUI and speeding of Swagger bring the two events into similarity, because by all accounts, Swagger had a lot less than 18 grams of weed on him.

I expect one of two things. Either Swagger gets suspended tomorrow and loses his WrestleMania World Heavyweight Championship slot, or on Monday he loses it in a match and is then suspended.

WWE may do it off air, because of the backlash they were already receiving about Swaggers character. With this event on top of that, WWE may want to just wash their hands of this for at least 30 days and let someone else have the championship spot at WM.

There is plenty of talent available for the fill in, especially with the long time period still to go before the event. It will probably be made into a triple threat, either Del Rio vs Henry vs Orton, or Del Rio vs Jericho vs Ziggler. With Jericho out of the country touring with Fozzy the next two weeks, it would be hard to explain his inclusion. They could simply have Ziggler announce he will claim the spot with his briefcase, however.

We will probably know a lot of answers tomorrow when WWE has had time to go over their options.