#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

The next on the list of my WrestleMania predictions:

World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

Daniel Bryan was planned to hold the Money in the Bank Briefcase all the way through to WrestleMania, when he would finally cash it in on a heel. Probably Mark Henry, who, at this point, would be at the end of his push as the most dominant heel in quite a long time. However, Henry’s injuries changed that plan. The WWE had Bryan cash in at TLC, and take the title from Big Show, who had just defeated the legitimately injured Henry.

Since then, they’ve turned Bryan from the somewhat boring face character that he was to a tweener, and finally all the way heel. His current character is much like his indie character, where he was still loved by wrestling fans, but was a heel in the ring, including the famous ‘I have til 5!’ yells he would do when the ref wanted him to break a hold. The irritating ‘YES! YES! YES!’ yelling gets him major heat, and I feel is absolutely hysterical.

Sheamus has also been slowly built to the moon. His Royal Rumble win, and huge win streak have him coming in huge to this match.

There are two ways this match could go.

1. Bryan wins cheaply, by outside interference by AJ or someone else, and retains the title.
2. Sheamus wins, but not cleanly.

Either way, the feud will continue at least til Extreme Rules. This is their first match over the title, it won’t be the only one.

That said, here is what I see happening.

Bryan gets the advantage by hook or by crook, and looks close to a victory. AJ gets involved, either purposely or accidentally distracting the ref from counting the fall. This allows Sheamus to hit Bryan with one of his finishers and win the match.

Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus