#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Kelly Kelly & Maria Menuonos vs Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres

We’re starting off our WrestleMania Predictions with the match that is cared about the least by the WWE fans.

This year, however, the ‘celebrity’ match is one I can see the celebrity actually losing. Do I think that it is going to happen? No. But I see it as a possibility.

Here’s what I see – a short match, but longer than typical divas matches. Give it 6-8 minutes. Finally Maria takes a pinfall victory over Beth.

After the match, Beth lays out both Maria and Kelly Kelly. She Glam-Slams both of them at least once, and sets one of them up for another – when Kharma’s music hits. And out comes Kharma to clear the ring and start her feud with Beth for the Divas Championship.

Winners: Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos