#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Randy Orton vs Kane

The second match prediction I’m going to make is another one that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Randy Orton vs Kane

I can only hope that there was a larger plan with these two for WrestleMania, and it fell through. This feud has seemed forced, and they just stuck them together to get them on the card.

Orton has been getting the upper hand in the feud a lot. Neither man really needs a push, since they are always upper card guys. That makes it difficult to pick the winner.

Smackdown is very heel heavy, and with multiple heels waiting in the wings to return from injuries (or ‘re-injuries’, like Christian), it doesn’t bode well for Kane.

However – Sheamus is the #1 Face on Smackdown now. Win or lose in his match (that prediction is coming later) he will still be hanging around the title scene for a while. That doesn’t bode well for Orton – if he wins, where does he go from there?

Here’s what I see – a Kane victory, one way or another. Immediately after the match, Orton RKOs him to give him a ‘WrestleMania Moment’ for the year. On the upcoming ‘Draft’, Kane will be sent to Raw as a ‘monster heel’.

Winner: Kane