#WrestleMania 28 Predictions: The Rock vs John Cena

Call this match what you will.

Once in a Lifetime
The Wrestler vs The Movie Star
The Fruity Pebble vs The People’s Champion
Cenation vs Team Bring It

or anything else you want to say. There is one thing that it definitely is:

The Main Event: The Rock vs John Cena 

The match that has basically a 14 month feud since Rock’s return last February is finally here. It will definitely close the show. It will most likely bring the house down. It should end with a handshake in the center of the ring.

The feud has gone from red-hot to cold back to red hot. And quite frankly, Cena has had the advantage for most of it. Rock’s skills on the microphone have waned, and it seems that if he doesn’t have a script prepared, he doesn’t do well at all.

The Rock did have a great performance in his in-ring return at Survivor Series, when it seemed like Madison Square Garden was going to fall over and ruin its new 1/3 refurbishment from the fans going crazy.

As with Rock vs Hogan ten years ago at this very event, this is two eras colliding. And there is only one way for it to end. With a Cena victory. It doesn’t make any sense for the WWE to have The Rock win the match. It would only serve to help The Rock. A victory by Cena will help legitimize him to fans, even if they think it is ‘Super Cena’ striking again. I see it differently.

I think tonight’s main event will show everyone that Cena can really go in the ring. He has had very good to great to classic matches before, but people seem to not notice. He can wrestle. Yes, he does ‘five moves of doom’ every week on Raw. But so do all the main eventers. Thats because they don’t have time to do anything else. The 35 or so minutes this match will go will allow Cena to show his ability. And with this match on the biggest stage of them all, against one of the top three superstars of all time (Hogan, Austin) fans will notice. Will it win everyone over? No, of course not. And people will be pissed when he wins. But it will win some fans over. And thats what WWE is counting on.

Winner: John Cena