#WrestleMania Predictions: @CMPunk vs @IAmJericho

WWE Championship Match: CM Punk vs Chris Jericho

This is the match a lot of wrestling fans are really waiting for. Ever since Jericho starting attacking Punk on Twitter months before the vignettes for his return even started, people started dreaming about a CM Punk vs Chris Jericho feud. I feel a lot of potential has been lost, since it is only the 3rd most important match on the card to the WWE right now, but that doesn’t mean this has to end at WrestleMania. Since the Rock/Cena and HHH/UT matches won’t have a return match at Extreme Rules, this match definitely will. That means a non-clean ending one way or another.

Jericho has said his whole reason for coming back was to take on Punk. This is great for this storyline, but it limits what else Jericho can do. He is expect to be gone by the summer, due to a tour with Fozzy. But would he really come back for such a short stint and not claim ‘his’ WWE title during the process?

The feud has picked up in recent weeks with Jericho attacking Punk’s family – and with Punk’s great acting. Maybe he should get a WWE movie role, after all. And with Punk ‘snapping’ and injuring Christian on Raw, the WWE tried to show Jericho was having an effect on Punk.

I expect a great match here. Punk vs Jericho, two of the best wrestlers in the world – and not only as a catchphrase – on the biggest stage of them all. They will get plenty of time to show off what they can do. They will be able to work the crowd, take time in the match, and properly tell a story in the ring. I expect nothing short of a five star performance from both men.

But when its all said and done, what will happen?

Jericho will win, that is what is going to happen. I’m thinking old school foot on the ropes while Jericho pins Punk.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Chris Jericho