WrestleMania – The Rock’s win proves his ego is out of control

In the long history of ‘passing the torch’ matches, no one has had the ridiculous ego to not put the new guy over.

Hogan even put the Rock over 10 years ago. But could Dwayne do the same? No. He just couldn’t bring himself to job to John Cena.

And Cena, being the company man – scratch that, the man – that he is, did the job. Clean I might add. Its been a very, very long time since John Cena lost a match completely clean. But he did it last night to The Rock.

The question is: Why? 

What purpose did Rock winning serve?

  • To stroke his ego? Accomplished.
  • To get the live crowd to go bonkers? Accomplished.
  • To give old Rock fans a moment? Accomplished.
  • To push storylines ahead? We have to wait and see.
  • To prove Cena is the face of the WWE? Failed.
  • To give the current fans – the ones that aren’t just tuning in to see The Rock – a moment? Failed.
No one wanted to see interference. No one wanted to see a crappy finish. We got neither of those. That was good. But the WWE had two people in this match. One they know is only doing one more appearance for a while, and that is tonight on Raw. The other will be there every single night for the foreseeable future. Why did the one that was leaving get the win?
This is equivalent of letting Bret beat Shawn in Montreal. Bret wanted the win there, because it was Canada, and said he would vacate the belt on Raw the next night. But Vince didn’t want to see someone that was leaving win on his last Pay Per View. So he screwed Bret. At least we know Vince has changed his mind on such things in the meantime.
Maybe the WWE will surprise me and go somewhere with Cena from this. But I doubt it. I think Vince’s love for Rock just allowed him to let a – lets face it – non-wrestler go over his biggest star in the biggest event of the year. And for no other reason than the huge pop from the crowd.
Rock will come out tonight, say the same exact things he’s said for a year, and be gone. He’ll going away to film movies. Good riddance.