WWE begins Scooby Doo voice-overs

WWE star The Miz revealed in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that WWE has begun voice-over work for their new co-produced Scooby Doo movie due out in 2014. “I just did voice-over work for it yesterday (earlier last week), and it was fun,” Miz said. “But, you know what is weird about that? You are doing voice-overs, and you are just standing there with a microphone. To get you into the character, like say my character was running, then I would be running in place next to the microphone. It doesn’t look that cool. But, I guarantee you that the movie will be laugh-out-loud funny and the movie seems like it will be really good. It’s going to be weird to see myself animated, although I am already pretty animated in real life.”

[ LINK: Miz's full interview can be read at LATimes.com - http://lat.ms/Nch4jo ]