WWE releases AW – But what is the real reason?

After AW (Abraham Washington) made a joke referring to Kobe Bryant and rape last week on Monday Night Raw, stating that Titus O’Neil was “like Kobe Bryant at a hotel in Colorado … he’s unstoppable.”, the fans started to wonder how he would be punished. Now we know. According to AW (real name Brian Jossie), he was fired today for that joke, terminating his contract. However, immediately after the joke, WWE (in the form of Michael Cole) issued a live apology for the statement.

A search on Google for ‘Abraham Washington’ does not pull up any main stream (non-sports or wrestling) site mentioning the joke, except for TMZ. Why is that relevant? It means there was no backlash for the joke.

WWE might have had other backstage issues with AW, and are just using the imagined backlash as a way to get him off the roster. However – it doesn’t make sense that they would let him appear twice more on TV after the joke aired.

AW has been all over his old twitter account bashing WWE, and retweeting fans and even Rikishi doing the same.

AW can be found on twitter on his old account at http://twitter.com/awpromotions and his new account at http://twitter.com/bjratedr